December 22, 2021

A Chiropractor goes from Mechanistic to Vitalistic with Dr Conor Ward DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 311

Dr. Conór Ward – The Health Elevator – qualified as a chiropractor in 2008 from AECC in England. He joined Hälsa Care Group’s first clinic in Bracknell and was part of the team that saw it grow to be the largest provider of chiropractic in Europe. Conór grew a reputation for growing his practice by working with some big companies such as Dell, 3M, Panasonic, Hewitt Packard providing corporate wellness services.

In 2014 he took a year out to work with Liam Schubel’s CQS in Lima Peru, where he helped run their mission trip and appear on local TV around running a busy practice.

Upon returning to the UK in 2015 he helped Hälsa establish their Surbiton branch in London. In 2016 he held their first “Lions Of Chiropractic” seminar – with a mission to celebrate chiropractic and promote the profession in the UK from within. The Lions has run consecutively for the past 5 years and during the first UK lockdown pivoted their focus to provide high-quality webinars to encourage online continued professional development and allow chiropractors to connect during that difficult period. With over 60 webinars under their belt now, The Lions Webinars continue to grow in popularity despite the ability of people to return to in-person seminars. Dr. Conór continues to aim to provide content while coaching, teaching, and adjusting the masses.

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