Aligned Performance Institute is a performance consulting company dedicated to maximizing performance for profit.
Aligned Performance Institute is an international network of niche market companies helping individuals and organizations become more successful through professional skills and personal growth training, specifically for sales and leadership teams.

When you work with Dr. Alok Trivedi and Aligned Performance Institute you benefit from a custom solution that aligns with your people, your culture and of course your business objectives. That solution may include any number of training and/or Organizational Development initiatives.

If you want to know what it REALLY takes to build your business to get more money and energy flowing into your business, to grow and stabilize your income, and to get yourself re-inspired both personally and professionally…you’re in the right place.

Why MoveWell?

Because there is a NEED for a custom tailored Functional Movement program for the Chiropractic profession.

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Element Mattresses help your patients, your practice, and your pocket.
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Imaging Services provides CR & DR, X-ray and Film Processor Service for all your imaging modality needs. Computed Radiography and Direct Radiography are quickly replacing x-ray film, developer, and fixer as the industry standard. Imaging Services carries a large selection of Imaging Accessories, Lead Aprons, Lead Glasses, Positioning Sponges, and Lead Markers! We have everything for your digital imaging needs.

We help chiropractors build wealth by taking care of things outside your practice, so you can do what you do best. Let us help you find the optimal strategies to grow your wealth by helping you take care of all things related to money. Our services include (but are not limited to): managing cash flow, minimizing tax liability, understanding appropriate insurance coverage, creating a legacy with your business and for your family, maximizing investment growth and minimizing investment risk, and creating meaningful portfolio growth while minimizing exposure to pharmaceutical companies and other industries that are incongruent with the chiropractic lifestyle.

How to get the ‘yes’ with less stress.

Selling like your practice depends on it and serving chiropractic with more certainty.

Posture Analysis: 4 view, 2 view, Quick Screen, and seated analyses anywhere and always in palm of your hand with PostureScreen!

Body Composition Analysis: 2D photographic antropometric body composition analysis with LeanScreen! Or use true 3D scanning with Structure Sensor for true 3D body composition analysis along with reported measurement details!

Remote Client Assessment: Use RemoteScreen to allow clients to remotely and securely upload photos and videos for your professional analysis!

Functional Movement Assessment: SquatScreen allows for fast, objective and functional movement assessments with auto-suggested corrective exercises for your clients!

Exercise Prescription: PostureScreen, LeanScreen, and SquatScreen all have direct integration with WebExercises to allow mobile exercise prescriptions directly from the applications!

UTS Total Spine is an easy to use, full spine versatile correction tractioning device that performs many types of corrective care setups.

For the first time ever we can REVERSE ENGINEER marketing by seeking out our target customers online and showing them our products and services. If you’re not using Facebook advertising in your online promotion you simply cannot compete. It has never been easier to flip-a-switch and reach your perfect audience within a matter of seconds! Bottom line, if you don’t take social media marketing into consideration, your competitors will beat you to it.

ZingIt Solutions is a mobile, text-based communication platform designed to drive patient engagement, retention and acquisition through things such as appointment reminders, recall messages, content-driven mobile web pages and much more, ultimately making the practice more profitable. Our service offers true two-way texting communication directly from the front office workstation making the staff more efficient while driving engagement with patients.

Your cloud-based practice management and notes software for cash and membership practices. Start your free trial today.

Originally designed for use in a solo office, pureCHIROnotes is now getting ready to launch v2.0 with many upgrades and “things that weren’t available back then” options. Watch closely as we present this new(er) tool to the profession.