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Imaging Services provides CR & DR, X-ray and Film Processor Service for all your imaging modality needs. Computed Radiography and Direct Radiography are quickly replacing x-ray film, developer, and fixer as the industry standard. Imaging Services carries a large selection of Imaging Accessories, Lead Aprons, Lead Glasses, Positioning Sponges, and Lead Markers! We have everything for your digital imaging needs.

Our Mission:
To Provide Highly Effective & Affordable Marketing Systems for Health Care and Home Services Industry Professionals.
With headquarters in Colts Neck, New Jersey, we specialize in simplifying the process for small bussinesses to leverage NEW technology, marketing automation & media to drive industry leading results.

Our most popular Health Care markets include: Dentists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Veterinarians, Plastic Surgeons, Podiatrists, Eye Doctors, OBGYN & More!

Our most popular Home Service markets include: Home Remodelers, Electricians, Roofers, HVAC, General Contractors, Pool Services, Landscapers & More!

Posture Analysis: 4 view, 2 view, Quick Screen, and seated analyses anywhere and always in palm of your hand with PostureScreen!

Body Composition Analysis: 2D photographic antropometric body composition analysis with LeanScreen! Or use true 3D scanning with Structure Sensor for true 3D body composition analysis along with reported measurement details!

Remote Client Assessment: Use RemoteScreen to allow clients to remotely and securely upload photos and videos for your professional analysis!

Functional Movement Assessment: SquatScreen allows for fast, objective and functional movement assessments with auto-suggested corrective exercises for your clients!

Exercise Prescription: PostureScreen, LeanScreen, and SquatScreen all have direct integration with WebExercises to allow mobile exercise prescriptions directly from the applications!

What if chiropractic could save employers/corporations 45% on their medical expenditures in the first year of working with them by changing one thing?

At Fit To Lift, we believe that a chiropractor can work with employers and actually save them 90% on medical every year. In fact, we have the data to prove it.

Dr. McIntosh has a passion for chiropractic in the occupational health setting that started early in his career, when he was a certified diesel mechanic and a mining equipment operator. 15 years ago, he decided to pursue Chiropractic, and he naturally began designing workplace safety plans as the occupational safety program developer for the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. Then he was awarded an economic development grant to continue his work in South Dakota.

In 2010, Dr. McIntosh returned to South Dakota, close to where he was born and raised, and opened a Chiropractic clinic. He has since opened 6 clinics across Wyoming and South Dakota. During this time he has worked with UPS, Miller paint supply, Waxie sanitation, Pepsi of Portland Oregon, Coeur Mining (gold mines in Lead, SD and Lovelock, NV), the fire department for the City of Rapid City, and trained clinics across the country to perform this work.

Fit to Lift is not federal CDL/DOT physicals, drug and alcohol testing.

Fit to Lift, LLC is helping organizations use high-tech instrumentation and newly designed software to develop employer culture and clinical relationships that are focused on injury prevention and employee retention. His results are in safety, long-term health and building clinic relationships with employers that are successful. The companies that implement these strategies save 45% of their medical expenditures the first year and 90% over the following 18 years. (The data has actually varied the first year between 45% and 90% for all employers.)

Dr McIntosh and his software offer scalable tools to clinics and companies to get these results across the nation. Cutting edge knowledge and training in human movement and the importance of position dynamics that ultimately determine an employee’s long term health and safety directly impacts the productivity and profitability of employers.

There is a huge role that needs filled serving these employers that want better health and safety for their employees. The Fit to Lift training platform and Dr. McIntosh train clinics across the country to work with these amazing employers.
Dr. Bob McIntosh is an occupational health expert that is asking the question, what can a great chiropractic clinic do to help employers.

The Legendary Chiropractor

The place to find that perfect fit, for that perfect culture you created, or want to join.

ChiroHealthUSA is a provider-owned network working in conjunction with a Discount Medical Plan Organization. We provide a simple solution when it comes to offering legal network-based discounts for cash, underinsured and “out of network” patients. Helping patients with the cost of care is the right thing to do. Doing it the WRONG way can cost you. We keep care affordable for patients while keeping doctors in compliance with federal healthcare laws so they can focus on patient care. We are a growing network of over 4,700 healthcare professionals who have already helped over 700,000 families get the care they need at a fee they can afford.

Train to be the best from the best. Catapult your chiropractic practice to the next level by learning from the most successful chiropractic trainers in the world. Dr. Fred and his beautiful wife Susan, run the most personalized and advanced chiropractic seminar and development program in the chiropractic field. They have truly mastered chiropractic development and the ability to communicate those ideas to their clients. The results speak for themselves. The Schofields have personally trained thousands of chiropractors to over 500 patient visits a week and collections of $50,000 a month or more. Despite the fantastic numbers, the Schofields pride themselves on teaching their clients never to sacrifice quality of service. Our Mission: To empower as many Chiropractors, as divinely possible, to improve their performance by expressing their potential; enhancing planet earth and the health of humanity through applying and understanding the Principles of Chiropractic.

Break free from the chains of your job/business that is causing your daily suffering. Learn How Myself and My Clients Removed Our Transitional Anxiety In These 3 Steps Which allowed us to go full-time into our passion career, make more money, and live our Goodest Life.

Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program. When following the Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program your patients will lose a significant amount of weight. However, the best thing is that the patients are provided with a way to break all of the bad habits that got them to where they are… overweight and needing your help! The ChiroThin formula is a nutritional support formula that contains a host of all-natural ingredients including: specific amino acids and vitamin B12. The ChiroThin formula provides hunger and craving suppression, blood sugar stabilization, detoxification, improved fatty acid transportation and fatty acid metabolism. Our turn-key marketing system gives you everything you need to market, advertise, and capture a piece of the weight loss industry. After all, who is better positioned to make lifestyle and nutritional recommendations than chiropractors!

Why do thousands of patients swear that Dr. Pete’s adjustments have helped to improve their lives? Simple: It’s The Zone Technique When most people think of chiropractic, they think of neck and back pain relief. Of course chiropractic is an excellent way to relieve neck and back pain, but this is only a fraction of what the original chiropractic is all about. The founder of chiropractic, DD Palmer, taught that altered nerve flow was the root cause of disease, and that misaligned spinal vertebrae negatively effect nerve flow. He taught that restoring the vertebrae to their proper alignment would restore health. Dr. Pete carries on this tradition. Specifically, Dr. Pete’s Zone Technique is built upon the principles of Palmer’s real chiropractic, combined with the teachings of Dr. Thurman Fleet (1895-1983). Dr. Fleet created Zone Therapy in 1931. The healing results his patients achieved were unparalleled. In the early 1990’s, Dr. Pete began studying alongside several of Dr. Fleet’s top students and created his Zone Technique. While Dr. Pete was in chiropractic school, much of the faculty were so fascinated with the healing results from Dr. Pete’s Zone Technique that they too began getting adjusted by him. Since graduating chiropractic school, the phenomenal results have continued, leading to patients flying from all over the world to get adjusted by Dr. Pete.

As text-industry pioneers, Zingit Solutions gets patients into your practice, gives them a good experience, and keeps them coming back. Automate your practice growth by generating positive reviews, converting more patients and providing excellent communications. Try Zingit’s automated and 2-way mobile conversation platform today!

The key to successful associates is all laid out in Dr. Noel Lloyd’s Win-Win Paradigm. You, the clinic director love your practice, but also should be able to get away from it for a while and Dr. Lloyd shows you how so many of his clients take 12 weeks off a year, all while breaking records in their clinic.

Mahalo guarantees the best CBD oil products on the market. We have a hand in every step of the hemp life process. From the seeds in the ground to the capsules in your medicine cabinets, we take great care to provide premium products that can elevate your wellness journey.

Our Moguls Create and Implement very individualized PERSONAL and UNIQUE MASSIVE ACTION STEPS, to take YOUR practice to IT’S next level!! It’s THE MOGUL EXPERIENCE!!

This model is proven to take your practice to the next level!! I am PROUD to be the CEO of Chiro Moguls Corporation.

Chiro Moguls GUARANTEES that your coach is a PRACTICING chiropractor, with a track record of an annual SEVEN FIGURES + collections practice…for years!! Soooo…YES, we take the guesswork out!! YES, your Mogul is ULTRA SUCCESSFUL!!

If you are going to invest in a coach, invest in one who walks the walk!! No Smoke and Mirrors!! Massive Action Creates Massive Results!!

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