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Meet James Chester

James was a marketing and journalist student who learned that the chiropractic profession needed a bigger megaphone and more consistent messaging and he discovered that a non-chiropractor raising that megaphone could help validate the voice of all things chiropractic.

James Chester has dedicated his life to sharing the truth about the chiropractic profession. Over the years he has become a master marketer for offices across the nation.

James lives in Grand Junction, CO. where he has created his podcasting brilliance for half a decade! James grew up in Davenport, IA. the birthplace of chiropractic. He has been an advocate for the profession for over 15 years. As he got onto the chiropractic scene he saw that chiropractic was lacking clarity in its messaging to the public.

His ambition became to keep free speech secure for chiropractors. His initiative is to educate and to help people understand the truth of subluxation based chiropractic. James is on the road supporting chiropractic year round! James has dedicated his life to providing information about chiropractic globally.

He and his team also host a bilingual podcast in Spanish, Chiro Hustle Espanol! Chiro Hustle Espanol launched a year ago to bring together more chiropractic influencers who speak Spanish. This effort will educate chiropractic information and stories internationally. James is also the director and producer of two chiropractic documentaries. (To get them click here)

To catch up with him or to book him to speak at your next chiropractic event. Email him at


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