January 22, 2023

“You Don’t Give Chemo to Those You Love” with Marcus Ellis – Chiro Hustle Podcast 424

Marcus Ellis is a businessman of varying pursuits with a career spanning the country. He has a lengthy profile as a medical researcher, international cancer “coach”, a former public and private school teacher in Chicago, Dallas, and Nashville, and as a top-ranked national salesman in both the education and the insurance fields. He has delivered professional development to thousands of teachers and their leaders in school systems which, to most, is a very daunting audience, indeed. He has been a real estate broker and an armed security officer and an insurance broker.

With his family, he built Ellis Castle, a gourmet catering, food service, and event planning facility in Dallas, Texas as well as a large 200-acre retreat center in Tennessee. A classically trained musician, composer, pianist, vocalist, conductor, and performer, today you may find him continuing to compose and share the music of the scriptural Psalms, Kings, and Prophets which has been lost for centuries.

He also continues as an articulate advocate of natural health matters. In 2015 he was diagnosed with ‘terminal cancer’ after the failure of most of a year of conventional oncology trying to solve his Stage IV disease. He suffered multiple, intense collateral damages [AKA ‘side effects’] from those treatments but through prayer and seeking the Wisdom of the Ages, he determined to go to the ‘ancient paths’ of scripture – and naturopathically found true healing outside of mainstream medicine. Nutrient-dense seed nutrition of all sorts has come to the forefront in his own personal experiences and he speaks powerfully of their efficacies.

Today, he is also unwavering in his commitment to providing financial resources for terminal, critical, and chronically ill victims of disease through Viatical Settlements. Mr. Ellis makes appearances sharing his radical life experiences with groups of all sizes. Be ready for a rocket ship ride… his message is not that of a “politically-correct” nature, but that of a man who has conquered terminal disease personally: his is the ‘road less traveled by…and that has made all the difference”.

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