April 13, 2022

World Change for the Better with Dr Billy DeMoss DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 343

Billy DeMoss has been living the principle and philosophy of chiropractic and sharing his innovative beliefs with his exponentially growing following. As a leader in the SoCal practice, DeMoss Chiropractic, Dr. Billy is transforming lives and educating his community on the art and science of chiropractic daily.

Grounded in his love of chiropractic and driven by his passion for rock and roll, Billy founded California Jam in 2008, a three-day event of renowned health and wellness speakers, live bands, health industry vendors, and more! Cal Jam is now the biggest, most influential chiropractic event on the planet! But Cal Jam isn’t just about having a good time, it’s about changing the consciousness of the world and building an army for change.

Follow Dr. Billy DeMoss on Instagram (@drbillydemoss) and check out California Jam on Instagram and Facebook for our next big events! Also, check out DeMoss Chiropractic on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about his practice!

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