October 7, 2020

Why Cradle-to-Grave Care is SO Important with Jed Emms, DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 185

Dr. Jed Emms is from West Michigan where his goal is to revolutionize the way his community views health, unleash the power of the Nerve System, and inspire individuals to greatness so they can experience abundant freedom!

He has been in practice for over 10 years, graduating from Life University and furthered his knowledge by attending many seminars both in Chiropractic Philosophy and Business getting his Pediatric Certification with ICPA, and started EPOC Michigan a Chiropractic Philosophy group to help unite the profession.

He maintains a high volume, low overhead, high retention practice in Grand Rapids, MI. He has developed a special niche that involves Cranial Adjusting (CATS) and has people travel from hours away just to see him. While he is in practice adjusting hundreds of people a day, he is inspired to leave a lasting legacy of subluxation-based Chiropractic care for future Chiropractors to succeed not just in practice but in their personal lives as well.

He speaks not just locally but has traveled across the US to attend many seminars and events himself while also speaking at some of the best seminars in Chiropractic.

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