May 15, 2024

We are Creating a Healing Network with John Dearlove – Chiro Hustle Podcast 561

President founder eNurtureReferrals .com, CEO of New HealingCareNetwork .com, Former CEO of Mercola .com, Cancer Treatment Centers of American, TeraGlyph iMatchNetwork, JL Dearlove Ad Agency


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LUKE MILLETT (PRODUCER):  Hey guys, welcome to episode 561 of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. I'm your producer, Luke Millet, and here's your host, James Chester.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So today we have the opportunity of interviewing John Dearlove. And if you want to hear the story of how we're creating a healing network, stay tuned. Welcome back. This is another episode of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. Today I have John Dearlove on with me. I'm really excited for this interview. We're going to talk about a lot of things with communications and tech and marketing and brand. I think that there's a lot of things that people are going to learn from this episode today. So please take out your pens, papers, your digital and take some notes as we go through the center of the process today. Before we jump into episode 561, I'm going to let you know our big why. Why do we do it? We do over here at Chiro Hustle. Well, first things first, we protect freedom of speech. We think that's so important. A lot of people out there that are creative and think outside the box, they get shadow band, marginalized, censored. And we've never done that to anybody. So we really believe it's important to protect freedom of speech. So we've never censored anyone because we don't like to be censored either. Then we do believe in medical health freedom and family health freedom. We think they're not the same things, but we have to focus on them as a culture. And then we'll get a bit more philosophical within the Chiropractic profession. We believe in BJ Palmer's Sacred Trust and protecting that. If you don't know what that means, go right now to your favorite search engine and look for BJ Palmer's last words. You're going to learn more about Chiropractic then you previously did. I guarantee you. Then as we round out the intro, Subluxation-based Chiropractic, we believe in that and support that. And we believe in innate intelligence or universal intelligence that when man or woman, the physical gets adjusted, it connects them to man or woman, the spiritual. Now that that's all laid out for everybody, that's our big white around Chiro hustle. Now I want to give a warm welcome to John D'Arlev. Welcome to the show.

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  Go ahead and show.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. 561 of these episodes, I just saw you over at Mile High. And you guys were extremely busy and we're doing really important work over there. So we can talk a little bit about that too. But first things first, I'm curious about your uniqueness in this awesome World of Chiro project, what makes a unique in Chiropractic?

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  The fact that we produce record breaking results for our Chiropractors that we work with. As we have done with other relationships including cancer treatment centers in America, I was the CEO of to get made of the highest doctors, traffic website in the world, doctors websites. And we've done this from a lot of chiropractors including like Dr. Ziggler who's been on your show, he's a PI chiropractor. And he actually has retained it as he's stated over four and a half years, he's retained or 70% of his patient relationships.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So I think a big cornerstone to what you've done is helped grow brands. And Mercola, I think it's cancer centers, right?

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  Yeah, cancer treatment.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. How did you come into those organizations? What did it look like inside of there? And what did you take it to?

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  Well, so cancer treatment centers in America was struggling with bankrupt almost three times in the 90s. And I came on board, I went to a board meeting in San Merit, Switzerland, gave a whole presentation of my background's behavioral analytics, gave a presentation of the board and the senior staff and redirected the entire company as far as how and who they're communicating with. And took it from 32 million to 3.5 billion. So about 10,000%. Then we also did the same thing. I did the same thing as the CEO of Mercola. I am doing about 200,000 subscribers. There's other kinds of problems. I won't get into the specifics. But there is almost everything. There's probably a corner, let's say, to say, restructured the whole thing in about several months, three or four months. And skyrocketed to from 200,000 to about 5 million subscribers and turned it into the highest doctor's traffic websites in the world as far as traffic. And I hired the doctor Oz, I hired the doctor, and I hired the And I actually have a Lexa public rating rankings that shows that we did accomplish that. That's from 2000 tell. I'm happy to show that. And as far as doctors, basically, the example I was giving you about Dr. Ziegler, I understand that he was sharing with us that he was spending 15,000 or 100,000 in doing trying to communicate and stay in relationship with his patients. He had a team of freelancers. And that when he saw our program and realized we would actually give him weekly two-hour articles, and four articles a week over a period of 52 weeks for 3500, he just went completely with us. And then after four or four and a half years, retained 70% just so you understand on the Internet, if somebody sends a weekly emails, it was at any sort, they typically go down to two to five percent within a year. And so he's retained 70%. I mean, he's when a patient has another occurrence of a health issue a year or two years later, they come back to him. And that's what we do for all the chiropractors.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, it's really cool to hear this because I know that that's one of like the hardest thing for anybody inside of any market is how do I get more traffic?

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  How do I get more attention? Yeah, so, and honestly, chiropractors have about 80% inactive usually. And your audience probably can understand and relate to something in that category, about 80% inactive, 8%, 20% active. And so if you think about your inactives right off the bat, by actually putting out, it's all about relationship, it's communications and it's timing. If you put out weekly articles that are valuable and useful, that's not just about chiropractic, in fact, the chiropractic should be a very small part of the articles. However, it can be embedded, it just shouldn't be blatant because otherwise you're telling and selling. So what you really should have is articles of all sorts and diversity on health, but you said about three articles that we do three articles a week on health in general. One article a week that's actually lifestyle, which we call the surprise in the cracker jack box. And that keeps the people opening, seeing what else is in there. So the point being is that you want to have articles that are engaging, have useful problem solutions. We do the same, the research team that I've built with my role. You know, writers, my software team is out of my nose. So basically write articles every week and it's all researched, it's all right, but it's not, we're not doing fear and certainty and doubt. We're not pushing fear, we don't have one article ever for our doctors that says anything about vaccinations, but the doctor can write their own comments, they can write their own articles, they can add those to it, they can opt out of articles, but it's all in their control. So the point being is sending those weekly, builds a relationship with the inactive, going back to the inactive. And so now you're re-engaging them on a weekly basis. Now if you just think about math, if you get 25% of your inactive or the next year or two years to come back, that actually equals, if it's 80% it doubles your patient, active patient face. That's just your math, right? So you know, so the point being is here's one way is just doing that. The second way is your best referrals come from your active patients. That's the 20%. Well now when you get going out and going to the whole 80%, a lot of those may not, some of those may not come back right away, but the entire group, it members you and they start, you know, forward those articles to load ones and they'll see your name and they'll start getting referrals because that's the best referral because when you're active for your patient face, this is your inactive re-engaging them. This skyrocket should referrals.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  You know, I've been doing a lot of communication with people who are marketing for 15 years now. Why does the content marketing strategies you work? Why do they work so well? I'm just curious.

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  You know how they work so well because all we're doing is just like chiropractors open up the, you know, like Dr. Bradley Roush states and I work, we work together and you know, he's working with Bobby Kennedy, we speak with Bobby Kennedy all over the country. He's just like we did, you know, at Denver at Mile High and Sherman and other places, but the point is that as Bradley at Dr. Bradley talks about is that, you know, opening the channels that are locked, you know, that's what chiropractors are doing and then, you know, your body innately heals itself, right? Yeah. Does that make sense? Yeah, that's so my intro. So my point to you is what do we do? We're taking the obvious, the blatant natural paths that are already there and we're doing it super affordably, super effectively. And so one of the things we actually do as well is that we do video reviews, patient reviews. So we do patient reviews. We give you the Dr. A phone app and you know, if they want to go down this road, it's really effective and you just, you know, in the patient, how many patients do you have a day that actually say, oh my gosh, I can't believe what you just did for me right after you do this treatment. It happens all the time. So that moment of enthusiasm, you take the phone app and say, would you mind repeating that? I have so many patients who would really benefit from this. You just, this is an eight. This is just like what you do for the patients. You just say, would you mind repeating that? And if they say yes, which is an 80 to 100% of the time, I can give you like Dr. Ron over in Manhattan, you know, you just hold that phone up, you know, you know, hose your phone up, have them repeat what they just said. And then you give it to them to review and they review it and then they give you one to five stars. Usually it's four to five. It's very rarely below five. And if it's below four, it doesn't go out to a social media. But it automatically goes to a social media. So the doctor doesn't have to do anything. Rewrite the articles. It's, you know, it's all high quality. So, you know, it's all produced for them, but then they can add their own comments. They can add their own information. We're making it innate. We're making it natural, but we're actually producing the highest quality there is on the internet. That's how I built Mercola. People say it in the other time, you know, there's a lot of newsletters out there. You know, it's used in other newsletter, really? So it was Mercola, just another newsletter. You think I put some formulas behind that, made it the highest traffic doctor's website in the world and still is, right? So the point is, is others try to compete like Josh, I actually other ones, but you know, they don't have the formulas and you're going to get the formulas that I built. You know, that's what I do for doctors, for entire doctors.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  That is brilliant. I love it so much. So when it comes to these videos, because I'm curious, because I'll just tell you, after I finish a show, I don't have the same like, sales cycle that you do for getting these things, I'll reach out, say we'll do this interview today on a Tuesday. I'll reach out to you Monday and I'll say, Hey, John, if you like what we're doing over here at Chiro hustle and you think that we're making an impact in the world, would you mind doing a 30 second to one minute test money will say in what we're doing to help the profession?

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  Yeah, you can give you a link. You could send it right to them.


JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  So we can provide that to you. Phone app and it's also a link to the patient doesn't have the time to stay. You can send it to them. We have doctors in San Diego that have patient. You know, they're not testimonials, really. They're reviews. There's a difference. Testimony. High like this. All hot, you know, all recorded and it's all studio or whatever. But the fact is this is real authentic and everybody knows it when they see these patients because they're all different environments. So we have a doctor in San Diego that actually had sent a link to a patient in the fluid for Alaska. Now, you know, the doctors in San Diego and you'll see this video out of 275 videos that this doctor has. Think of that. How many? And you can see how many they have. Think of credibility. But the fact is the third or fourth one I can send it to you. You want to see it. The third or fourth one has snow on the ground and she is talking about how worthwhile it was to fly in. That's like what we did for cancer treatment centers in America. 80% of the patient, 90% of the patient is staying from outside of the state. Very, very hospital.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Wow. So I look at marketing too. I've been talking, like I mentioned, I talk to people all the time in the space. A lot of times people only pay attention to the people that are showing up on a daily basis. You talk about reactivation, old list, old patient files, dead files. And I think it's really important that people pay attention to those that large percentage.

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  Yes. That's a piece. It's a piece. But it's also the piece that actually gives you more referrals because the best referrals you get is 20% of your actors, only 20% usually of the 20%. Well, now if you get 20% of the inactives, that's almost as many as your activations. But wisely, it is nearly no matter because 25% of the inactives would be the equal.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, anybody out there that's listening, you know how much it costs to acquire one patient. And you know how many dead files you guys have sitting on your electronic health records right now. They all do. They're all like, gosh, let me go see how many inactives I have right now. They'd probably be like, oh gosh, that's a lot.

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  80% about 80% usually. So you've been in business for five to 10 years.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And I'll just be honest, when somebody like me starts getting chiropractic somewhere, we get busy with life like the patient base. And we're distracted. And we don't maybe finish our care or we don't maybe we feel this guilt or shame of saying, gosh, I didn't make that last visit. Now I'm not going to go back. Sure. Now I have an excuse. Now I'm just I'm going to deal with this and the relationships over.

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  So you understand that is my background's being real athletic. So 80% of women are the nurturers and gatherers. They've been doing this for the last several thousand years. Okay. And men have been hunters and seekers. And so the women are the ones that really read the most. I always say that these doctors conferences, 80% of men rarely read and rarely write. They're producing the content for you. You can add comments to any article in the previews. We can be a preview for a whole week before it takes five minutes to read all the articles. But you may have comments. You should if you can, if you have time, but we have a lot of doctors. I can not tell you that like Dr. Bradley Roush will probably kill me if that's what I say this. But I know he almost has never read the articles, but he when he does, he loves them. And he's ecstatic. But the fact is it's automatic. He doesn't have to. But if he wants to, and he goes through them, now some of the stat docs have really good front desk people and some teachers before, and they love the articles. And they can actually make suggestions and come up with comments. And we'll give you some algorithms as to some things you can do with hashtags and writing your own articles that actually puts you to the top of Google in the first one, two, three pages. Dr. Ziegler sent that. And he owned those first two, three pages in Utah for PI, for personal injury, when people are looking for a doctor for injury. That's not sponsored. And we have, that's free. We want to use our system. It's this automatic. So we have doctors like Dr. Ron in Manhattan. He was paying six to 10,000 a month for his Google sponsored ads. And as he says, it must never matter whether he's about six or 10,000 a month. It's about the same amount of people that came in. It was just very every week. It was crazy. And for nine years, Dr. Rachael says he was white. Sorry, sorry Ron. But the point is, is that when he used our system, suddenly his life changed. Because it was automatic. It's all systemized, and he can do additional things. And he should do additional things. So we have doctors that do write additional things like Dr. Ziegler. And you can own those first two, three pages of Google in the search engines with your specialty by just adding comments and adding some articles periodically. It just pushes you to the top.


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JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I've been waiting for a while during this interview to ask you, why? Why chiropractic? Why are you going all in with helping these natural healers with your abilities of content marking and first-page, second-page Google video reviews, articles written, old files, reactivations, like why? Why are you taking such an interest in this group of people?

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  Okay, so number one, we've been living in a healthcare system that's actually sick care. I think everybody agrees. This is a sick care system. It's based on symptomatic assessment and treatment. It's highly focused on pharmaceutical and surgery. It's highly focused on going to healthcare networks that are sick care networks. The one group that actually has not been touched, and I used to have an ad agency in Michigan Avenue, 20 years, I was on the dark side. We did the advertising. The only country in the world at that time, only New Zealand now can do ads for pharmaceuticals. So I was on the dark side. This is full circle. My intention is to change this entire direction. Care factors are the leading group that have the greatest potential to make the difference and to start this movement. We are creating, I've been asked to the CEO of a national program that is creating a program and making it super affordable for doctors and we're starting right with care factors because they're the ones that have hands-on relationships with patients that without focusing on drugs and surgery. They really heal. When I say they heal, the new network we're building and we just haven't launched it yet. Everything we're doing right now, anybody that gets in is going to be granted farther than. This new program is healing care. Not healthcare. Not sick care. It's healing care network. It's going to be across them. We're starting with care factors but we want to put care factors with MDs as well by the way. I don't know if you've heard about Epic but Dr. Stan who actually brought this to Sherman, it's in Sherman. It's in Life University. It's a soundway proven and it's adjustment with soundways. There's new technologies we're going to be bringing forward through this new program and through this new network. We're going to be able to tie doctors together when you need a doctor if it's special that you're going to be able to find them really quickly. We're creating a system with our videos so it's going to be a patient rating system on specific modalities, specific DRGs, digestive really. Specifically what the patient says, pain, back pain, shoulder pain, whatever it is, the doctor will be able to click on it and then own that, you know, have the most amount of ratings that are video ratings, orthodontic, so you can go online and find who's got the most amount of ratings. Anybody who comes into this program right now is going to be able to be at the top of that rating system. There is nothing like it so my intention is to help care factors be the forefront of this entire movement. I'm sorry for the lying answer.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  No, I love it. It stirs up a couple of things for me. I want to get a bit more granular with the answer just on the reviews. But the campaign that I've talked about a lot for some time now is to heal the healers. We need to make sure that we're nurturing and protecting these chiropractors because I look at it like war or like a chessboard. Every time that a chiropractor goes into financial despair or default or the student loan succumbs them or whatever it might be, they might fall into, I don't want to practice chiropractic anymore. We lose one of our frontline soldiers.


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So we need to heal the healer, man.

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  Okay, so not only heal but protect. Yes. Okay. So Dr. Bradley heard me give a speech with Bobby Kennedy in 2019 at a pediatric conference. He heard me say that if you follow, if you allow me to help you with our programs, we will keep you from being canceled because we don't produce any content and don't put any content out there that will get you canceled. We just give you inspiring information for your patients, right? And for that to be forward and nurtured. Secondly, we'll keep you from being jailed. I've worked with many doctors that have gone to jail. I've been involved with ACAM, American Colleges of Advancement and Medicine on the board. I can tell you stories that take too long for what you have today. And then the third one is killed. How many doctors do we all know that have been killed? You know, some people wonder, I can tell you, I know, and the more you go out there and the more you put yourself in the limelight and the bigger your audience, the higher potential is you can be killed, right? You know, either canceled, low end, jail, higher end, as far as audience following you. And then killed. These are factors. These are, I mean, would you agree? Would you agree?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I would agree with you. From my perspective, I think it's unfortunate, but the financial end of it is the biggest situation.

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  It's actually controlled.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I see the financial despair as the elephant in the room. I see your things that you've mentioned as like real concerns for like popularity and speaking the truth and where we're at today with the social media marketplace and like tribalism and followers and traffic and attention. But really the big concern I see is our chiropractors get out and they don't know how to pay their bills because it's so extremely expensive to be an upstart. They don't want to be an associate because it's demeaning in a way. And they get into the marketplace and they're like, well, I have overhead. I want a nice office. I have to have staff. I have to have all the bells and whistles. And the next thing they know, they're not seeing enough people to actually create a quality of life and a good living. And it's really tough on them. That's what I see.

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  Okay. So let me just tell you that Dr. Bradley Roush, we have a program to help doctors as well and everything you just talked about. And that is to maximize the minimum. In other words, you don't need to have the flashiness, the biggest or whatever. Focus on what you really do need. And he actually can help. We have doctors doing onsite training. He has programs, they're neurological programs. And he's a chiropractor. I understand. But he has got all these different degrees and backgrounds. The fact is that on Park Avenue in New York, he will have doctors fly in and spend a day with them. And he'll teach them how to see. And he's retained 70% of his patients before even he started using our programs. But now it's even better. So the point is that he actually sees between 100 and 220 patients a day with 70% retention. But he actually has super high outcomes and value and appreciation. So how does he do that? But he does it also in a very effective financial way that actually, to your point, don't overstretch yourself. He actually does consult on this exact area, on what to do, when to do it. He's sold, I think it's something like seven or eight practices. He's has extremely high success all over the country from Vermont to all over the Dominican Republic. I think he was in Spain. He's actually a remarkable guy. And he actually consults. And it's very quick to get to understandings with him. That's really a very important network. He's part of the network.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  That's really good that I see it from a different licking glass. You see it from a licking glass. And Bradley sees it from a licking glass. Now I have the prospect licking glass. We're going to talk granular and then we'll wrap up. So everybody out there right now, as you've noticed, they're not looking for sick care method. They're looking for, as you call it, healing care. And they are looking for something. They just don't know what it's chiropractic. And they're looking for somebody to know, like and trust. And you do that. And this is the part I'm trying to get to is. It's the granular effect. It's the videos that they see that when they search their chiropractor. It's a very patient video. So what's better for that doc? Do you suggest that they do a video only? Or do you turn that into a text review also that goes on to the searches for text?

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  So first of all, like a Google review. So first of all, you should be doing articles every week. So there's all types of learners and relationships. A lot of people think the video is the only thing. I can tell you it's one thing. Getting an inbox every week and having your name coming into the inbox, even if they just see the subject line, as Dr. Casey wrote in Texas, has always said, and she came out of a partner. But the fact is, and Dr. Fab, I think, has said this many times as well, getting your name constantly in the inbox every week, and then people opening that and reading articles. Next of all, having your videos in a place to see the videos in your articles every week. The next thing is that's being broadcasted. That's broadcasted out. So how are you going to broadcast out the videos? The fact is, each video gets broadcasted out, but you want to just make sure that you're reaching the patients in every way. The second thing is the videos. The videos are really important. Why are those important? Because it's that authenticity, the credibility of a patient saying these things. But how do you get in your hands? So we've got a doctor right now that's going to be flying in next Monday to see and work with Dr. Bradley in part gathering from the Midwest, and he's going to spend the day with them. And his question is, how do we get those 120 patients a day? I say, well, first, learn how to treat them and do 120 a day. And then use our systems. And that's why you're doing all of it at once. You're not doing one piece at a time. You're doing it all. And you're doing it very affordably. We're making this so affordable. Realize at $200 a month, which if you text me, we can get you a set up for $99. Actually, it's an annual fee that comes down to $99 annualized times 12. But the fact is, for basically a couple hundred dollars a month, every patient that it becomes enthusiastic, almost every one of them actually give you a video and make a statement. And then how that automatically posted for you without you doing anything, once they click the approval and they give you a rating of four to five, it goes automatically onto your social media. Second thing is we have another place where you can say, by the way, do you know any one of your family loved ones that has any health issues? You know, they might have some of these health issues that you've experienced. Would you mind actually putting it on your social media? 80% of them. This is reach you don't have. This is extended reach. Those patients click that, that's going out to their social media. So everything we do is innate. Just like you as chiropractors do, everything you do is innate to heal the body, let the body heal itself. As Dr. Bradley Ross says, everything we're doing is to actually build communication relationships. This is all about relationship, about relationships that are ongoing continuous, right, with all these different factors. Because if it's just one thing, it's just one thing. When all these things come together very effectively, very affordably, you have relationships and they exponentially grow. So when Dr. Joe at Mile Hyde started, he was the first speaker, you saw him, right? He said, two plus two is four, it's never going to change. Two plus two is four.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Remember that?

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  Yeah. And I came back in my opening speech and said, well, that's nice, but how about changing the factors? Two times two of the power of 10 is 2048. I work in doing those kinds of math figures. You should rather have 2048 more patients than two plus two is four. Are you with me?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I'm with you. I'm with you. So based on that statement, I got two last questions for you. Where's the profession going? Where do you see chiropractic evolving into?

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  It has choices. Yes, currently, I don't know, everybody has different figures. There used to be 65,000 chiropractors. That was about 2011, 12, somewhere in that area. Maybe it drew maybe 70,000 chiropractors. I would suggest you during COVID, there's a very large amount of baby grimoire chiropractors that actually either closed or offices. They're so frustrated during COVID and after COVID. And so you have choices. And they're all working, most of these doctors are working individually, separately, not as a community, and actually they're kind of divisive in some cases. I'm looking at an inclusive program. Healing Network is an inclusive program. Figuring out who's the best of the best in certain areas, not just chiropractic, but who you can rely on in different categories of other services that a patient might need. Be the center point of healing and become a network and support each other. We have chiropractors in our programs that actually put a header that has both their photos and one might be a 20-minute drive apart and they actually support each other during holidays and they actually go in and support their patients in one takes vacation. So the point is that you can co-market, you can do all kinds of really cool things. With our program, you can cross-market with realtors. You can start cross-marketing with dentists. I mean, there's all kinds of cool programs that we've built and it doesn't cost anything extra even cross-market with a realtor. If they have a new magazine and you have one, you're going to be in their new magazine as the contributor of their three-high health articles a week and they're going to be in years as the lifestyle article contributor. Now we don't charge anything extra for that. So my point is I want to build a network for the value stream of changing from sick care to healing care, from health care to healing care. And the forefront, center point of that, our chiropractors, is the starting point. You guys are the pivotal center point.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Really powerful. So people want to work with you. What do we send them to?

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  Our phone number is right on the screen.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  24-522-8950.

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  And you can look at the website, but I'm going to give you prices that are going to read because I want everybody to get part of this. So I'll give you prices that are shocking you will. So the point is is that look at the website, go to Go ahead and look at everything. There's a lot more to share with you. We have videos by Dr. Fabrizio Mancini that you can just give to a realtor if you want to cross market. And I can text those to you and show you how this works to make it really easy. Everything we've built and everything we have, I put 6.5 million into this program. This is not trivial for me. I've invested my life in this. And so my point to you is I'm doing this with great purpose. Just like Bobby Kennedy gets into facts, everything we're talking about is factual and it's statistical. I'm not looking at it. This isn't a pufferin. This is real. This is the real deal.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well I thank you for being episode 561 of the Chiro Hustle podcast. There's lots of value in this. I'm sure people got their digital devices out and started making notes as we went through our interview process today. And if they didn't, they were taking notes or they're pausing this episode and they're going back and listening a few times. Tons of value here. Is there anything I didn't ask you that you like to share with their audience today that you were hoping I would have asked you?

JOHN DEARLOVE (GUEST):  Well that's a really great question. So I guess I just love to, I guess how do we help more chiropractors become a part of this network? I mean, anything, any ideas that anybody has, we're here to help. We're giving speeches almost every other week with Bobby Kennedy. I've known him since, you know, obviously been doing this since 2019 with him. We love to actually do more of that. We're going to be, it looks like we're talking to the dental market too. We're talking about partnering with another area. Dennis has some of the largest databases. I mean, cross over with the dentist, we're going to probably be speaking, I mean, they you know, but bringing Bobby Kennedy to this, I think there's 300,000 dentists. So you pick a dentist, it wants to participate with you. And you know, it cuts you, you know, and either you skyrocket your database because you're expanding into theirs with them. So my point to you is there's all kinds of things we've already built. We love to share, text me and ask me and tell me any ideas you have. That would be, you know, that would be my answer to how do we expand, you know, how do we get more relationships and build this network. And it's going to be launched this next year, but anybody who's getting announced in the grandfather, then anybody we've served in the past will be your grandfather. If you've been a part of our programs the past, you canceled during COVID. We lost a lot of chiropractors dropped out during COVID because they closed the fact that this has come back and join us again. There's more than we ever had before.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  John Deere love episode 561 Chiro hustle podcast. Let's build this network together. I appreciate you so much. Looking forward to the next time we get a chance to spend some time together. And just like what we've done with Chiro hustle, I look forward to working with you also. I think there's a lot of growth in our expansion. I've been in touch with John over the past week pretty consistently. And I can tell you that the mind of what he can do for the marketing of chiropractic is really special. So I appreciate you taking the value relationship with chiropractic and seeing how we can all work together to make healing a better world for all of us. So with that, I close up by telling everyone every time you're just one story way, keep hustling. Thank you guys on the next episode. Thank you so much, John.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Thanks for now. Thanks for listening to Chiro hustle. Don't forget to subscribe and check back next week to continue hustling Also, please remember to give us a 5-star rating on iTunes to continue hustling.


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