January 20, 2021

The Training Culture in Chiropractic with Dr Darren Murphy DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 215

Dr. Darren is a self-empowerment Chiropractor who lives and practices in Denver, CO.  He owns and operates The Source Chiropractic Denver, a hub for all “lighting slingers” and those engaged in chiropractic training.   When not “slinging the lightning” at The Source you can find him traveling the US teaching Kairos Training Camps to inspired students and docs.  As a Lead Facilitator for Kairos Training Culture he teaches Level One (Foundations), Delivering the Lighting and Art of the Anterior Dorsal (Explorations), and Level 2 (Adaptations).  As he was inspired along his chiropractic path he aims to deliver that same inspiration to those who take his courses.  “One flame lights another.”  When not in the adjusting arena you can find Dr. Darren spending time with his partner, Hannah Grayce Stone.  Currently, they are parents to 15 plants…with plans to elevate their responsibility game soon to that of a dog father and mother.  Feel free to reach out to Dr. Darren through any means necessary.

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