August 18, 2021

The Tone of LIFE with Dr Taylor Stoecklin DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 275

Dr. Taylor began his healthcare journey in his undergraduate studies at Saint Louis University, where he studied Biology with a Pre-Med focus. During his tenure, he quickly realized that he aligned more with making an impact through prevention and optimization of our well-being, not with treating symptoms and disease.

Dr. Taylor's journey led him to discover Chiropractic. He attended Chiropractic school at Logan University in St. Louis, MO. It was there, and at a local chiropractor's office, that he learned the true magnificence of Chiropractic, and its ability to change people's lives. His life was completely transformed with Chiropractic, including the resolution of seasonal allergies and chronic migraines.

Dr. Taylor believes that, for true healing to take place, it must come from within. By optimizing the body's nervous system through specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments, the body's innate wisdom is able to properly coordinate its functions. Health and vibrancy are the results.

Dr. Taylor believe that regardless of the health issue, each and every one of us benefits from a more coherent brain-body connection and an optimally functioning nervous system.

Chiropractic in its underlying principles has allowed Dr. Taylor to create massive changes in his health, in his relationships, in his business, and in his entire life. Chiropractic has allowed him to see the world through a lens of unlimited potential.

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