July 28, 2021

The Barefoot Mama Movement with Dr Courtney Gowin DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 269

Dr. Courtney Gowin graduated from Parker in 2013 and opened her practice with $6000 saved from student loans and $54 in her bank account.  Walking in accordance with God’s purpose for her life, she has been able to adjust and help thousands of women achieve the birth they want through prenatal chiropractic care with a collaborative approach.

Along with running her prenatal and pediatric practice, Free to Be Chiropractic, she also runs a prenatal wellness collective called the NEST and her grass-fed beef business, Dallas Grass-fed.

Dr. Gowin also teaches and speaks to chiropractors around the world, and has written one of the largest natural lifestyle and pregnancy books, The Barefoot Mama. She holds a special passion for mentoring students and teaching this beautiful art of prenatal chiropractic so that it stays pure for generations to come.

Her passion for education and community birthed the Barefoot Mama Community and Barefoot Retreats.  She is growing a tribe of women who are passionate about growing their families and their businesses.  Starting next year she is launching continuing education retreats in the Caribbean for chiropractors and students.

When she is not traveling, teaching, or doing yoga you can find her chasing all her chickens and three home birth baby girls around on their family farm.

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