July 24, 2022

Stories from a 4th Generation Chiropractor with Dr Jeffrey Slocum DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 372

Dr. Slocum is a 1993 graduate of Logan College in St. Louis Missouri and has been in private practice full time for 25 years. He is a fourth-generation chiropractor and the 11th member of his family to practice chiropractic. Dr. Slocum is the founder of the Chiropractic Vitality Centers of Maine and owner of Slocum Chiropractic “A Creating Wellness Center” in Brunswick, Maine, Richmond Family Chiropractic in Richmond, Maine, Innate Family Chiropractic in So. Portland, Maine, and Bangor Family Chiropractic in Bangor, Maine.

Dr. Jeffrey Slocum is a co-creator of Learning Curves ™ and The Legion of Chiropractic and hosts an annual seminar in Mexico called Purposeful Connections. Dr. Slocum is the developer of a highly successful personal and professional training company called Advanced Leadership Solutions. Together he and his partners provide the most dynamic leadership development programs in the Chiropractic profession. Dr. Slocum lectures nationally and internationally to chiropractors encouraging them to spread awareness of chiropractic in their communities.

Dr. Jeff as he is known has been featured as the keynote speaker for the Maine Municipal Association. He was named one of the most influential chiropractors under 40 by chiropractic lifestyles magazine in 2008, was featured as the On Purpose Chiropractor of the Month in July 2008, and was awarded the 2004 Chiropractor of the year for the Masters' Circle. He has spoken to the Student WCA, The American Chiropractor conference in Panama, New Beginnings, Bath Iron Works a division of General Dynamics Corp., and many other groups and organizations including State Boards of Education. Dr. Slocum is regularly heard on Brican’s Path To Excellence, LCFE monthly broadcasts and newsletters, and The American Chiropractor.

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