March 20, 2022

She Is The Doctor of the Future in Chiropractic with Dr Sarah Waller DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 336

Sarah is a chiropractor, podcaster, and writer. With a passion to help others, she left a successful career as a Police Officer to retrain as a chiropractor. Sarah is in practice as a chiropractor in Lincoln, UK, where she runs a busy center with her husband Tom who is also a chiropractor and team of associate chiropractors. Outside of practice, she is a health enthusiast with a podcast, and the passion to write to champion true health and aims to empower and motivate women worldwide to maximize their life, through their health first.

You can follow Sarah on Instagram @sarah_waller or sarahwaller .com. Sarah’s podcast, ‘Thrive with Sarah’ can be found on Apple Podcast.

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