September 13, 2023

Philosophy & Running a High-Volume Chiropractic Practice w David Dick DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 491

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Full Time Ministry, BBG Ministries, Inc. a 501-c3 Health Ministry 2019-Present
Doctorate In Divinity Liberty U.
Featured Speaker: EPOC St. Louis January 20 2014
Featured C.E. speaker at Chiropractic Society of Texas Annual License Renewal Seminar, March 15-17, 2013
Instructor for Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic (OBCE) required New Doctor orientation, OCA Seminar Oct.7, 2012
Featured Speaker: EPOC Dallas three times
Co-Founding Member: Oklahoma Chiropractors Association 2011-Present
Currently serving Board Member: OCA 2011-Present
Owner: Dream Practice Management 2008-Present
Owner/Chiropractic Physician: Body by God Chiropractic 1992-Present
Coach, Captain, Featured Speaker: BBG/TTWAC/Maximized Living 2000-2008
Oklahoma State Chiropractic Association- Insurance Committee
100’s of workshops/lectures to private industry, corporations, schools, and churches
on topics including: workplace safety, injury prevention, ergonomics, healthy longevity etc.
Past or present member of many numerous affiliations, memberships, associations


Doctor of Chiropractic 1989-1992
Awarded from Cleveland Chiropractic College – Kansas City, MO
B.S. in Nutrition, Park University-Parkville, MO 1992
Undergraduate Studies in Chemistry & Sports Sciences:
Tulsa Junior College- President’s Honor Roll 1984
Northeastern State University- Full Academic & Athletic Scholarships 1984-1985
Oklahoma State University- Full Athletic Scholarship 1985-1988
Enrollee 2014 ACP Class (Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers) held in Omaha NE offered through Sherman College of Chiropractic


CLA Insight Certification
Mally Extremities
Mally Certification in Carpal Tunnel
CBP Technique
Pettibon Technique
Scoliosis correction-Clear Technique
Art Croft, Whiplash Associated Disorders
Certified Chiropractic Insurance Claims Consultant OK LIC#006
Certified Library Author- Zyto Bio communications Technology
technique camps and courses in CPT (Chirology Precision Technique)
Creator of ChiroTech Institute, creator of OK CCA seminar weekend and course materials & study guide
& many others


Organizer & developer of Royal Treatment CE seminar in Las Vegas –Co sponsored by Parker College
with featured speakers: Reggie Gold and Tedd Koren
Creator and organizer of the P6 Student Club group and meetings
Creator and organizer of the Club 33 chiropractic fellowship organization and meetings
Creator and organizer of Marketing Camp I and II
Creator and organizer of Chirology Precision Technique (CPT) Spinal Correction Modules I and II
Creator and organizer of DPM Disney Institute Marketing Event 2014
Creator and organizer teacher of Medicare seminar in NY
Created, Hosted and organized 100’s of meetings, seminars and events nationwide


Author: “What’s Your Percentage” World Chiropractic Alliance Journal
Body by God Extreme Makeover Challenge
7 Day Literature Brochure Series (DPM’s seven brochure new patient education system)
LIGHTEN UP Fat Loss nutritional program Manual, Output report, Pocket Guide
Featured & listed contributor “One Minute Wellness” book (best seller) with Dr. Ben Lerner
Outside Magazine January 2006 Feature story by Jake Halpern “And the Buff Shall Inherit the Earth”

LightenUP CERF testing protocol
(currently developing numerous other testing protocols)
LightenUP Weight Loss Drops & Labels
LightenUP Energy, Detox, D3, DHA custom products and labels
LivingWell Systems including:
Age Well System
Move Well System
Tone UP System
Be Well System


Body by God Radio Show, KCFO 970 AM
Developer of Body by God Extreme Makeover Challenge & Manual
Co-Developer Kids Blast Community Event Manual
Dream Practice Management Manual, Systems, Forms
Numerous cd and video teaching series
High volume adjusting tips, Drs Report teaching video,
Numerous website developments:;;;; etc. (50+ domains registered)
DPM Doctor’s Report PowerPoint, Group Go-over PowerPoint used nationwide
Doctor’s Report of Findings Folder
Black Brochure and other marketing material for LightenUP
Logos for: DPM, Lighten UP, Body by God, P6 Club, Search & Rescue squad, Helping Hands, The Gee Bees

Union High School- Most Improved Player Coca-Cola Award 1984
Dominator Award- OSU Football Team-Strongest and fastest lineman 1987
National Bench Press Record Holder and Champion NASA
Humanitarian Award- TTWAC 2007
Outstanding Dedication & Commitment Award 2010
1987 Sun Bowl winner (Bowl watch)
1988 Holiday Bowl winner (Bowl ring)
Numerous other awards for community service: charities: LeSea Feed the Hungry, Water for Life, etc.


Saved, born-again, evangelical Christian
Date of Birth: July 30, 1966
Four grown children ages: 36, 33, 22, and 18 (three boys and one girl)
Five grandchildren (one boy and four girls)
One son is a self-employed, upper cervical chiropractor, practicing in Richardson TX. (Parker University)
Operated One of the Largest individual health practices in US- reaching “MACH 3’
( privileged to serve over 3000 visits per week) at my clinic Body by God.
Was blessed to study with, or personally coach, or am personally friends with: Dr Sigafoose, Dr. Schiffman, Dr. Ben Lerner, Dr Greg Loman, Dr Dennis Nikitow, Dr Paul Reed, Dr.Billy D, Dr. Chris Zaino, Dr. Dan Yachter, Dr. Ray Omid, and most of the highest volume practitioners in the world.
(It’s a diverse, committed group of Dr.s who know what it costs and what a privilege it is to serve a Great God and so many of His Children)


Regular attender of Church on the Move, Tulsa, OK and LIFE CHURCH on web
Over 5000 hours of Intensive Bible study, Theology, Apologetics and Doctrine


Reading: Bible, Green Books, Philosophy, History, Non-fiction books of varying topics
Politics/Governmental Power structures
NLP and communication technologies
Foreign Languages
Movies (I try to see them all)
Star Trek and Sci-Fi
Staying healthy
Cruises and vacations
Extravagant Hotels and Homes (Beauty)
Hawaii, Manhattan (NYC), the Bahamas and Caribbean… Great places to visit
Guitar, Bass, Drums
80’s music and bands
Awesome, varied, distinctive talented singers, musicians and bands (eclectic selection)
Helping others, Committed Charity work, changing lives
Designing offices and office start ups
Decorating and interior designs (architecture)
Systems and Designs of all kinds (jewelry to anatomy to engineering to biology)
Planning for the future
Bringing the Principle to the world
Philosophy, Truth, Religion, Apologetics, Hermeneutics, Math, Science, Physics, Theoretical Physics, Law, Chiropractic Corrective Technique unification

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