December 15, 2021

Path To Chiropractic with Dr Joshua Sharpe DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 309

Hi. My name is Dr. Joshua Sharpe. I am a wellness coordinator and educator, who specializes in understanding the dynamics that happen in the body and the relationship between posture, stress, hormones, and the ability to get results in your life.

I'm a former Air Force Intelligence Officer and had a career in marketing/sales after leaving service.  I was running my own digital marketing agency when the unthinkable happened.

In 2014, my brother was diagnosed with Leukemia and I got to see the inside of the medical world, and thought there must be another way…

I decided to go back to school and become a chiropractor to give and serve his community and to give people an alternative way to approach health.

Now I work with entrepreneurs, sales executives, and other high achievers who want more out of life.  They want to integrate all aspects of themselves to live their best life possible.  We heal the hurts and traumas of their past to help them find more fulfillment in their work, family, and mission on this planet.

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