May 16, 2021

MamaPractor and Generational Wellness with Dr Alex Pankoke DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 248

Hi! I'm Alex, or as some have to call me, Dr. MamaBird

I'm a wife, a #boymom of two, an entrepreneur #momboss, a vitalistic chiropractor, childbirth educator, vbac queen, and lover of all things wellness.

Most importantly, I am a woman with the heart to serve other women STEP INTO THEIR GIFTS & POWER✨

In January 2019 I opened my women's health practice with a hope, dream, a little coaching…even less business knowledge

Not 3 months later… I was surprised to find out I was pregnant with my 2nd child.

By August, 8 months into practice, I was exhausted trying EVERYTHING (I knew what to do) to make my practice successful. I was paying myself less than $7/hr and I ended up having to shut down my practice and put myself on maternity leave at 32 weeks…just from stress

While at home waiting for my baby to come, I consuming courses, webinars, books, coaching, ANYTHING…In the midst, I learned about a DIFFERENT WAY A way that would allow me to actually have a balanced #momlife and own a successful practice.

In 2020 shortly after an amazing and empowered VBAC experience, I re-launched business in the middle of a pandemic using the tools I had learned leading up to it…and In my first month, I was PROFITABLE.

Next, I paid myself more in the first 2 months, than ALL of 2019. All while working PART-TIME! In the past 12 months I have invested over $40k learning about business, branding, marketing, taken 8 courses, 400+ hours of webinars, podcasts, trainings, read 14 business related books, and received over 60+ hours coaching.

I've Applied, Tested, Tweaked, Made Mistakes…ALOT of mistakes…tried again…and NOW I am sharing what I have learned about building a business that actually WORKS in 2020.
A little more about me…

I have a quirky sense of humor, love to work out, and eat clean with a dash of chocolate…let's be real…lots of chocolate. I love watching predictably sappy rom-coms and out-of-this-world fantasy and sci-fi.

I am a real person just like you. I am a mom, just like you. Sometimes I get stressed or overwhelmed, just like you.

As a holistic doctor, I created this practice as a means to share with other people how you can still be REAL and live the healthy life you desire.

Life is complicated enough. Taking great care of yourself inside and out does not have to be. I define health as a dynamic state that ebbs and flows. B-E-A-YOU-tiful things happen when we start to live life free of interference.

I know life is messy.
I support balance, not perfection.
I live my life on mission.
My mission is to serve God by serving others.
Loving service is my first technique.

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