September 5, 2021

Making Sense about the Brain-Body Connection with Steve Sanborn – Chiro Hustle Podcast 280

Steve Sanborn is descended from a long line of people who were Americans even before it was cool to be an American, with a family history that started in New England in 1632. Steve has moved, traveled, and worked all over the country, (he even walked across it in 1995), but he has been in Kansas City for most of the last 17 years.


Steve began his career founding a successful nonprofit organization. After two decades of director-level leadership in for-profit/nonprofit marketing, communications, and public relations roles, Steve maintains a passion for communication precision and great results. Especially around brain health.

His need to know “why” has always fueled his goal to teach value and action through content creation, externally with target audiences and internally in team leadership. Steve created Midwest Brain Health Technology to bring EEG tech to a whole level of healthcare and medical best practice.

Steve spent the last several years of his career growing MBHT but also providing consulting healthcare, nonprofit, manufacturing, and logistics organizations, gathering difficult, complex, and harrowing facts, data, and research, and distilling it down to consumable communication that fits with brand and style. This activity led him to predictive behavior research and analysis as well as the creation of MBHT to provide EEG technology to practitioners everywhere.

Some companies Steve has worked with include:

Sioux Chief Manufacturing – Tribal Mfg. – Spunstrand Mfg. – Quartermaster Marketing – Upfront Mortgage Brokers Association (UMBA) – The Health Insurance Advocate – se2 (service.end2end) – The Missouri Center for Patient Safety (MOCPS) – LifeFlight Eagle – Missouri EMS Association
Off the Clock

Steve’s interests include his six kids, a life-long piano playing habit, writing poetry, some previous attempts at hobby-farming, and cleaning up after his six kids.

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