March 19, 2023

Look at the WHOLE Spine Body and Person with Liz Anderson-Peacock – Chiro Hustle Podcast 440

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I love people. They fascinate and inspire me. I’m from northern Connecticut, and love nature. Moved to Florida to attend Palmer Florida. Never went back to the snow. Been practicing in key west Florida off and on since 2012. I love the ocean and coconut palms. I can stare at the trees all day. Nothing I have has ever come easily. My chiro story is in college around age 19, I was very sick and had no idea why. Doctors wanted to throw more drugs at me and by the grace of God, I met a chiropractor at a college career fair. He educated me about why my being a c-section birth put me at risk for subluxations, I had my first adjustment and still have never had a migraine again. My immune system became strong, and I changed my major during junior year to get my prerequisites to get into chiro school! I had two majors in college so I could pursue Palmer Florida.

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