December 24, 2020

Living the Abroad Lifestyle in Chiropractic with Dr. Shara Downey DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 207

Dr. Shara is a passionate Speaker, Chiropractor, and Coach, deeply driven to help more Wellness Warriors to get their message out. As a mother of 4, she is obsessed with creating more naturally healthy families.

Since 1998, She has been helping people achieve positive results in their health and promote natural healthy living. Founder of Asia Chiropractic Health Services, the clinic was awarded Singapore Quality Brands Award for 2013-2014. She was a contributing author to “You Can Expect a Miracle With Chiropractic” 2013 edition.

Dr. Shara has worked with many industry leaders such as Dr. Ed Osburn, Dr. David Jackson, and Dr. John Hinwood.

As a sought-after International Speaker, She has had the privilege of working with prominent global companies such as; Citibank, Standard Charter Bank, Lucas Films, Knowledge To Action-London, Success Resources, PayPal HQ, Dasani, Body Shop Corp., and Singapore Ministry of Defense to name a few.

Dr. Shara is the creator and host of The Common $ense Practice, creating a community of like-minded Health Professionals providing support in business growth, challenges, and celebration in successes in family and practice.

After starting and selling multiple businesses domestically and internationally, Dr. Shara combines her knowledge, experience, and success in the areas of Chiropractic, speaking, and business principles to deliver practical and concise “know-how” to all doctors so that they can experience massive levels of success.

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