August 29, 2021

Learn about the Wisdom of 33 in Chiropractic with Dr Donald Francis DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 278

Dr. Donald Francis practices in the beautiful Scottish Borderlands. Originally from Zimbabwe Donald came to chiropractic late, after a career serving as an officer in the British Army. He saw service in many parts of the world including Kosovo and Iraq. After Palmer College Davenport Donald opened a practice in Scotland near where his wife’s family farmed. He now owns two largely referral-based practices where five busy chiropractors see thousands of practice members. Donald has studied SOT to the highest level and now teaches the technique across Europe. He is the Vice President of The Scottish Chiropractic Association, Vice President of SOTO Europe, and the director of his chiropractic promotion company, Veritas Curat. He is the lead editor and compiler of the book “The Wisdom of 33” and has spoken on large and small stages about chiropractic. He has a passion for philosophy, including Chiropractic Philosophy, and the promotion of Chiropractic throughout the world, in its natural form. Donald is married to Katie and between them, they raise their 3 children on their sheep and cattle farm in Scotland. Donald is a founding supporter of The Scotland College of Chiropractic

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