March 21, 2021

Know MORE About Medical Freedom with Dr. Alan Palmer DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 232

Dr. Palmer is the founder and director of 3 different national professional sports-related chiropractic organizations. He remains a director for two of those today, the Professional Baseball and Hockey Chiropractic Societies. He has been the chiropractic physician for 4 professional teams, with a combined 51 years of service for those organizations.

He is a health and lifestyle coach and has spent over three decades studying functional medicine and various healing techniques and natural treatment options for acute and chronic health disorders. His website is

Dr. Palmer spent more than 2,500 hours over two and a half years researching and writing 1200 Studies- Truth Will Prevail, the most comprehensive scientific exposé of vaccines to date. His eBook now contains over 1,400 studies, written by thousands of scientists and researchers that contradict what we are being told by the vaccine industry and the media that they influence. Published in an interactive PDF format, it allows for keyword and phrase searching, links accessing the subject pages in the document from the table of contents, and links in each subject topic to the original abstract or study online.

All these features make 1200 Studies- Truth Will Prevail an invaluable resource for easily accessing this vital information. It can be downloaded at

Download the WhitePaper here.

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