January 7, 2024

Inspire Chiropractic Internationally with Dr Ariadna D’Ocon DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 524

I am Ariadna D'Ocon, born in Barcelona. I graduated Cum Laude from the Barcelona College of Chiropractic. Subsequently, I was awarded the 2018-2019 Chiropractor of the Year award in recognition of my vision and support of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic.

I am a member of the Spanish Association of Chiropractic (AEQ), which is the institution that regulates chiropractors with university education, accredited by the European Council on Chiropractic Education (ECCE). At the same time, I am part of the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA).

Thanks to my musical piano studies, I learned about Chiropractic at the age of 15 because of back pain and poor posture while playing the instrument. Thanks to this, I understood that Chiropractic went beyond reducing back pain and that it also allowed me to have better concentration and performance on stage.

Currently, I continue to combine my two great passions: Chiropractic and music, regularly singing in a semi-professional choir. Also, my final master thesis was focused on improving the lung capacity of singers with chiropractic care.

With all the studies I have completed, I know that health comes from within. The body is intelligent, it is able to function perfectly as it is designed to. We just have to reconnect it! For this reason I dedicate myself to taking care of entire families; I help them reach their optimal level of health through an interference-free nervous system and an aligned spine.

Our goal is to reconnect the communication pathways between the brain and the body, so that the body can express its innate intelligence.

Our purpose is to provide information to the people we care for and make them more aware when making the best decisions about their daily habits. In this way they promote their ongoing well-being and improve their quality of life.

My mission is to accompany and empower people to discover their full potential through Chiropractic.


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LUKE MILLETT (PRODUCER):  Hey guys, welcome to episode 524 of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. I'm your producer, Luke Millett, and here's your host, James Chester.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So today we have the opportunity of interviewing Dr. Ariadna D’Ocon. And if you want to hear how to inspire Chiropractic internationally, stay tuned. Welcome back. This is another episode of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. It's a big one today. We have Ariadna D’Ocon coming in from Barcelona over there in Europe. So it's really nice to bring you on today. And before we get into this interview and this episode, just want to let everyone know it's 524. We've been going at this going into our 60 year, and we've been documenting and telling these Chiropractic stories just more frequent. And I think it's really important to tell the story. So before we tell your story, I'm going to let everyone know the big why. Why do we do what we do over here at Chiro Hustle? Well, first things first, this is global too. Freedom of speech is important. And in America, that's our First Amendment. So we've never censored anyone that's been on the show, which I think is really, really powerful and important because there's a problem globally with censorship and shadow banning of people that have something important to say. So we have this platform to share the Chiropractic truth. And by doing so, we also support medical freedom and family health freedom, which a lot of times people back a couple years ago didn't understand how important that really was. Until now, we actually have to like mention these things and we have to support and protect those things. And then, BJ Palmer Sacred Trust, we also protect that with our show. And if you don't know what that means, go to your favorite search engine, look for BJ Palmer Sacred Trust. And last words, you're going to learn more about Chiropractic than you previously did, guarantee you. And then we also believe in subluxation based Chiro-practic. I know I shouldn't have to say this, but it's something that comes up a lot in our profession. And I believe that it's important to stand and tell people why subluxation Chiro-practic is important. And then last, but not least, we believe that when man or woman, the physical gets adjusted, it connects them to man or woman, the spiritual. And that's innate intelligence and universal intelligence. And with all that as the opener, Ariadna, welcome to the show.

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  Hey, well, thank you. Thank you so much to inviting me. It's great to be here.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, you know, this is an amazing platform to share the Chiro-practic truth and to share why Chiro-practic is so powerful. And I know everybody has a story how they got into Chiro-practic. So I didn't even ask you yours. I did read your bio that you sent over to me. And I'm really curious to know, like, how did you decide that Chiro-practic was the right thing for you?

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  Well, I knew Chiro-practic when I was 14 years old. Pretty young. I had, well, I'm a musician, a piano player and singer. And I was in the musical school, and I had all the extension in my and back and typical from everyone that knows for the first time, Chiro-practic, it's about pain, right? And, well, I went to the Chiro-practic in town. It was from South Africa. He is from South Africa. And like my parents sent me there, like, just for pain release. But with the first visit and the great job he did to inspire my parents and myself to his vitalistic character. So he let us know that Chiro-practic was more about than only pain based and to trip symptoms. So I, like, in between three adjustments, I had any pain in my back. But he did a great job to inspire them and inspire me. And the importance of getting adjusted regularly. So we trust him. And I started to notice other changes rather than only back pain and improvement. So it was more concentration, less headaches, more, like less nervousness going to the stage. So I started to think about how can we do this about this final. So he explained us the big idea. We got it. And then all the family started going to the Chiro-practor. We were weird, like, in no town going to the Chiro-practor. Anyone new in Spain is not really new. Every time it's getting more popular. But it was great that my grandma had better digestions and all these improvements and miracles in my family. So I started thinking about studying. But I had this in my mind that I wanted to be a teacher and, like, as all of my family and, like, musical teacher because of my background. But then when I was 18, my chiropractor said, well, 17, my chiropractor said, would you like to be a chiropractor? I'm super grateful that he asked this because it inspires me now to all my teenagers and patients to ask this question because it changed my life. That question. So because I had thought about it, but it was like, oh, no, this is super difficult. I'm not a science person. So yeah, we went to an open day in Barcelona College of Chiropractic. We fell in love of the message, the energy, the students, all the stories that they were explaining going from coming from everywhere in the world, studying in Barcelona. And it was a yes for me. It's also our principal, Adrian Wemban. He said, like, it's not, you don't choose chiropractic chiropractic, it chooses you, right? And I knew that I was in the right place. Even though my parents didn't speak English, so we had every, they had everything translated in the moment. And even though we had this, this, this crazy, well, unbelievable experience. So yes, I started to think more about this and, and it was, it was clear for me. And then sorry, when, when I was in the first year, they asked us about our mission in life. And it was like only 18. We didn't thought any about these, these things, but it was, it was also to a campaign to be with people and to, to, to, through their health process and, and to teach, well, not to teach, but to inspire them or to guide them out health. And it, and now in the time I realized that it's really matching with my old, them profession that I want to be a teacher, right? And we are, it's not that we are teaching, but we are guiding our patients to, to be in love again with their body and, and to trust the innate intelligence. So, so it's like this, these two things to help people and to guide people and inspire people. It came together. So it makes sense to keep going.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, it's a great story that you, you found that chiropractic adjustments were enhancing your ability to be an effective musician. And because you got the, the message, then you could be the messenger and share that with your family. And I think that there's nothing greater. You know, I was speaking down in St. Louis several years ago, one of my first speaking opportunities, I spoke down at Logan College of chiropractic down in St. Louis. And you know, because of the work that I was doing at the time, I'm still doing it. But early on, you know, my app would send me a message and say, Hey, I'm going to the chiropractor today because you inspired me with the work that you're doing. And mom went to the chiropractor last week because the work that you're doing inspired us to take better care of ourselves. And, you know, it just takes one person to make that decision to make a better life for other people and to feel empowered to share that message. So I think it's really, really powerful the things that you're sharing here today. But I guess the better question for me to ask you is you're the first doctor in the family. What is it like for you to be a chiropractor and be the first doctor in your family?

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  For me, it's, it's awesome. It's like, I have a responsibility to share all this and to inspire my, my family. But I am also really grateful to my dads that like my parents that they trusted me, right? It was like a really hard decision to do. And like in Spain and to study and they support me as I see like things with a lot of clarity. And they also trust me, my God, my instincts. So, so they support me to study, then they support me to open my own practice really young at the age of 24. So it was you for me, the responsibility and also like gift that I'm, I'm giving also to take like the, this gratefulness back to them through health and also to the future generations.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So yeah, perfect. And you know, that really brings us to the next topic of discussion is inspiring new graduates and people coming out of chiropractic school. Do you have any messages for them?

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  For the new graduates, it's just for me, it's really important and the people you surround with. So for me in the chiropractic school and the studies was really important to who I was surrounded by. So people that it's positive people that that has the same values and the same philosophy of yours and also that that to be really connected to the chiropractic story, the big idea, the why. So for me, even though it's difficult at the end because you have lots of exams and things that sometimes that don't make sense. For me, it's really important that they have this certainty why they started and why like why they are doing what they're doing. So it's like a light that you have that it's even though it's difficult the path, you keep going because of this why. And also to visualize for me, the power of visualization is incredible. I was visualizing my own practice since first second year in VCC in the school. So for me, like quantum physics and visualizing meditating is crucial to let the attraction law through going through what you want. So people I think universe brings you what you're ready for and be careful what you ask because it gets to you if you're ready. So for me, it's visualizing like the ideal scenario and to be surrounded by people that it's positive for you and inspiring.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I love it so much because I've been meditating almost, I mean every day for almost four years. And I think the visualization is a little bit different than meditation. And I think that when people have the vision, you know, usually around the new year, I create this vision board and I cut things out and I put words together and I put images on a piece of cardboard or a piece of poster board. And I create this scenario where I hang it on the wall. I didn't do it this year, but I usually hang it on the wall and it sits right in front of me when I'm working. And I visualize what I put on that board and then it's with me. And I think, you know, this year, what I did is I went back through every picture I've ever took and every screenshot that I took. And I went through the whole calendar year of what I did. And I went through and I visualized where I'd gone and seen what path I had been on and where I wanted to go now. And I wrote down the things that I loved, the things that I learned from and the things that, you know, I could do better with. And I think, you know, when people have this type of a visual, it's not so much always, we don't always do it the same way. You know, some people listen better and learn. Yeah. Some people can close the rise and have vivid images and they can see what it all looks like. But some people need to write it down. Some people need to like make a video of themselves talking it to themselves. So I think that we can learn different ways on how to like create this vision for ourselves. And many times people just need the outlet to say, yes, I can do that.

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  And also for me, it's like we have the vision, but without expectations because the pathway can go around. And it's like not holding the outcome, but just releasing that to the universe. And then it will go how it needs to go.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. And I think by doing that, then you can design the practice of your dreams. Yeah. Yeah. And you can actually do, you can see how it looks to come in as a new patient. You can see what it looks like to come in and get adjusted. You can see what it's like for all of the nuances of how the notes are taken to how we answer the phone to how we collect money to how we reschedule people or how we keep ourselves accountable with the appointments that we have, how we partition our energy to make sure that we're eating right, that we're taking care of our bodies, that we're not stressed and overloaded with too much work, that we're able to share that work with our staff. Like there's a lot that goes into running a practice. Yes. So let's talk marketing for a little bit. Is that okay? Yeah. So getting new patients, I know that it's not the biggest only concern in the chiropractic world, but over the past five years since you've been a chiropractor, what has been some things that you've done that have worked?

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  Yeah. So this question, some people of my environment ask me because it's like more 95% referral practice for me. So it's people recommending chiropractic. And also I have an Instagram and I have social media, but I'm not used to do some ads, like marketing ads. I don't say they are bad because not everyone has the luck to have a friend to recommend chiropractic. But from now it worked for me as a referral, internal and external referral based practice. And for me, and people ask me, how do you get these referrals that are good quality patients to have good conversions? So they start care because of this emotion, like all my family did. So I leave it in my own family. So I try to inspire them with my story, my chiropractic story, and also to care about people, really genuinely care about them, asking for their family members. It's the referral language I say is how do you take a table talk. It's not about looking for that referral that it seems weird. It's just influencing them that it's normally in this office to get referred, like people refer us. So it's also creating that culture of that doing recommendations of us. It's the normal way. So for me, it's of course having a chiropractor to have certainty about your message about I can help you in the message, right? And you are in the right place. And also to inspire them to get checked, to get the family member checked. And it's asking about their family. And I have really good memory. It's one thing weird thing that I have. It's for the details. So I know everyone's stories people ask me, how do you remember of this? And it can seem weird, but it's really caring about them as if they were family. So you ask about their parents, you ask about their kids. So this is what inspires them to recommend them, but not forcing it, just asking and trusting your universe that someday they will recommend us or wants to get chiropractic care.

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JAMES CHESTER (HOST):   So referral based practice, you know, a lot of people that watch our show and get got to know me over the years know that I've gone out and I've done hundreds upon hundreds of spinal screenings, which I call scheduling events. And when I get somebody new that wants to come see the chiropractor and they schedule appointment with me to come see the chiropractor when I go out and meet them in the public, I say, and just let you know, you're probably going to be our number one referral source. And we appreciate you letting us earn your business today and coming in to see us. But when you have a good experience, I just want you to know that you're probably going to tell everyone about us. So get ready for that.

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  Yeah, that's great. We have like, thank you for recommending letters that we send by hand by hand when I did it like digitally, but it seems like it's handwriting. Well, it's my handwriting. And we send it to home also to thank them, the patient that referred. Also we do some campaigns in the, in the, in the, in the insight of the practice and to enhance these people to refer like the anniversary of the practice, the Christmas campaign and all this. And also we have a board with thank you for recommending and in the reception area and welcome to the community. And they are matching with the one that recommended. So when you enter to our practice, you see this word and it's like, oh, and this is normal, you know, it's like normalizing the fact that they will talk about you and what you said.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. You know, and that's just it is when you can nurture the conversation into a way that makes it the right things to say to each other, then the practice grows. And we could talk about, you know, Barcelona football club all day, or we could talk about the MMA, or we could talk about whatever topic is happening, we could talk about the water, the rain, we could talk about anything. But when you bring the cultural conversation back to chiropractic, and you welcome people to understand it better and to invite people in because it's a better quality lifestyle. Now we're actually curating the conversation into a direction that is on principle. And it's focused on exactly what's going on at your practice and how you can help more people because they're going to get bombarded once they leave your clinic or your practice. And they're going to get messages on every television. They're going to get messages on every billboard. Every magazine, like everywhere, they're going to get a different message. But when they're at your place, they only get one good message about natural health and chiropractic and that has to come from you. So if you're diverting from the truth of chiropractic and you're watering it down with other conversations, like it's not going to get your referrals.

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  Yeah. They're going to feel like your friend. Yeah, for me, it's like expecting my struggles, right? It needs to be a sacred space, the adjusting area. So miracles can happen. And I expect miracles because we saw them in India. I was in the mission trip twice. And it can happen in Barcelona in the same place. So for me, also, is the energy that we create in the adjusting room and also the level of certainty and focus that we have. So not being distracted by other things than chiropractic or message. So yeah, not have distractions in this area.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  What's your favorite technique?

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  I do a mix of them, like it's Thompson, Togel, SOT, and also I just manually diversify it. So yeah, more or less, I use this once.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, that's great. It's important for me to see how the practitioner is taking care of people, but also how they take care of themselves. So in the journey of you being the practitioner, what do you do to take care of yourself and stay healthy?

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  Well, I have a personal trainer to get all good movement. Also I do try to eat healthy and nurture my body as best as possible. Also for me, it's also really important what I said before, who I surround with, and people that it's inspiring, having mentors, listen to podcasts, reading inspiring books. They are pretty much related to personal growth and business. I'm really on this. Sun exposure, of course, get checked, get checked, get adjusted regularly and also be proactive in my health. It's like being congruent and also embracing what it's going on in my personal life, but it's more of it. Get inspired, get foot from the body and foot for the brain.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, it's the way to go. And as I've done nearly 1,200 interviews in the past five and a half years, I've learned some things and I've learned that practitioners, the better they take care of themselves, the more successful they are in practice and the longevity that they have. And as I've done so much networking and gone down so many paths of natural healing, biohacking is really, really something that's popular now. I always tell people that chiropractic is one of the original biohacks next to sunlight, walking on the ground with no shoes on and breathing. Next in line, chiropractic. After breathing sunlight and walking on the ground with no shoes, chiropractic and getting checked and adjusted and correcting the vertebral subluxation is something a lot of people just don't understand why. And I always tell people, I've never recommended chiropractic to anyone that had a better, that had a worse quality of life. I've never seen anybody that took more pills, potions and lotions and drugs and surgeries that had a better quality of life. So I said, we might as well try this one over here because quality of life is something that matters long term. And there could be a certain instance where people have to do something like that, but it's not a lifestyle. Chiropractic is something that people can do from 14 years old like you, become a professional and become a chiropractor and live that lifestyle forever.

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  And to infinity. Yes. And I as much as I grow as a chiropractor as much as years I have, I'm more radical about all this. About saying that true because I understand when you graduate, you want to be liked and you are trying to be in agreement of everyone. But as much as I realize that I am as much as I get, not older, but growing my profession, I'm more clear because I'm more certain and well, it's more powerful the message.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So got a couple of questions left during the interview process, but the future, visualize the future for me. Where is chiropractic going?

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  For me, I dream and I visualize as chiropractic in Spain as recognized as like that has its own place because we are here, we have legal situations and all this. I visualize chiropractic being used to be like as a health care and quality of life care and that has its own place. Also, that a culture of the people that gets checked gets adjusted and it's normal as you go to the dentist or you brush your teeth to go to a chiropractor to take care of your spine and your nervous system as a tool to get to the nervous system and also of course these will impact our communities and humanity.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more and I think that if people really understood that when they get adjusted by a chiropractor, it frees up their nervous system and it helps with healing and quality of life. If people just understood that and they didn't think it was pain based, chiropractic would be so busy that we wouldn't have enough chiropractors to serve all the people that are looking. So really, we're at this paradigm shift, I believe.

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  Yeah, it would be for us, I think. And yeah, we are only 400, 500 chiropractors in Spain, so we need a lot of hands. But I think people are starting to change and to ask different questions as we've got more information and it has had a change, I think.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So you became who you are, your parents trusted you to become a chiropractor and went to chiropractic school, started out practicing 24 years young and you decided to become who you are based on one chiropractor's guidance to say, I think chiropractic could be a good solution for you. So over this journey, who have been some of your major influences and people that have inspired you to be the practitioner that you are today?

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  Yeah, for me, it's like calling back that it's my mentor that inspired me to study chiropractic, to be in love with this profession. Also Mark Hudson that I regularly talk with and he helps me with the business and philosophy and taking all these blockages to be more certain and more who I am to inspire people. So Stuart Mann, I would love to chat with him for hours. He is about loving ourselves, loving humanity and more personal wise. And also my grandma, he was a wise woman that interests me to music and thanks to her, I knew chiropractic and she inspired me as a strong woman and it's why I would say.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, it's really great to recognize people who have made impact in our lives. It's really special and to edify people and to see why we are who we are and helped guide our path a little by little and to acknowledge us and to give us praise and to give us time. So then we can become who we're supposed to be to where we can give that to more people too. So congratulations on finding great people and learning from past generations like your grandma.


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Thank you. So rounding up the conversation here today on episode 524, what's a miracle story that you've seen? Something that you think might inspire people that listen to the show today?

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  Well, for me, one of them was one of five years ago or four and a half. I was in my first mission trip in India, I went to Chiro, Europe group with my heart son and I was just graduated for four months graduated. So I knew they were music girls in India, but they was like, okay, I'm going to do my best. And for me, it was that energy, that level of sacred space that it's created in these places where you don't need the language to understand. It's just side love and getting the doing the adjustment, right? And it was one guy, young 19 years old that he was deaf and he couldn't speak. So I had just him and he started to move them out and do some sounds the other day, next day he came back. I did the same and he was doing some sounds. And then I understood the unconditional service, right? It's like now I knew something improved because he came back, but we have touched so many spine so many life that we will never know if they improve, they had a miracle case or not, but we don't need it to, it's not to improve our egos. But to inspire people that it's listening. I went back to India this past November and this guy came to look for me and he was speaking and hearing. So he said, you remember me and of course there are some faces you will never forget in your life and he was one of them. So yeah, it's a miracle story, but it's amazing. But my message here is that of course, miracle stories help us transmit what we do, but it's not, we shouldn't need these miracle stories to do what we do in the level of passion that we do, even though they help us when we are a little bit off the path. But yeah, for me, my first me in the admission treat was the deciding moment of opening my practice and to be myself because in India it was myself, but also to understand what we mean unconditional service.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, it reminds me of the message that sometimes we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves. And BJ Palmer's quote is, you never know how far reaching something you may say or think today may have an impact on a million of lives tomorrow. And I think that it's so true for this profession is, you know, chiropractic has the ability to create that type of impact just by doing what it does every day.

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  We have this quote in the end of our thank you for referring and later that we do. And we have this quote. And because yeah, my chiropractic chiropractory impact all my family or my community. So people is powerful. So yeah.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So at the wrap of today's interview, is there anything I didn't ask you that you'd like to share with your audience today?

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  No, that's great.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I thank you so much for coming in and doing a episode for 24. It was a lot of fun, right?


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Great experience. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you for sharing your story and being so humble and open to, you know, help the future chiropractors and understanding their own path and doing your thing every day. It's really important to just serve and be the chiropractor. So thank you for being the chiropractor. And yeah, if people want to connect with you or learn more about you, where can we send them to?

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  Yeah, they can find me in social media. It's Instagram or Facebook, and the Co-opractic, like my surname and chiropractic in Spanish. So chiropractic and they can send me a private message. And I will be happy to share and to get in touch with them.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Great. Well, thank you for being on with us today and have a great evening over in Barcelona.

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  Thank you. Thank you. I'm going to sing in my choir now. Because I'm going to play in my both passions now. I keep doing singing and chiropractic.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So well, enjoy your evening of singing. And I look forward to connecting with you soon.

DR ARIADNA D’OCON DC (GUEST):  Yes, thank you. It was a pleasure.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  All right. Well, I'll close out by telling everyone you're just one story way. Keep hustling. I'll see you guys in the next episode. Bye for now. Bye. Thanks for listening to Chiro Hustle. Don't forget to subscribe and check back next week to continue hustling.


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