April 19, 2023

How to Reduce Inflammation with Laser Care with Judy Lombard – Chiro Hustle Podcast 449

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Judy Lombard is the owner/sole proprietor of Cold Laser for Pain and Bits and Peaces Photography – powered by Light Peace LLC. After experiencing firsthand the benefits of “Cold Laser Therapy” aka Low-Level Laser [Light] Therapy (LLLT) in 2013 which enabled her to get back on the field to play her sport of Ultimate ‘frisbee' after a 9-month hiatus, she decided to invest in the technology of Multi Radiance super-pulsed lasers and formed a business in 2014.

Prior to owning her own business, she received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at SUNY Brockport and had an extensive 30-year career in Community Mental Health, much of it at East House Corporation in Rochester, NY where she wore many hats from Case Manager to Tobacco Treatment Specialist to Recovery Center Supervisor to Associate Director in charge of the NYS Medicaid Redesign Implementation. After 3 decades though, it was time for a warmer climate and something new, so in 2017, she left her career job of 27 years and moved to Georgia where she now resides.

She is passionate about laser therapy, serving others, and alleviating suffering. Her vision is to create awareness and increase access to the benefits of super-pulsed laser therapy as an adjunctive, DRUG-FREE alternative to manage pain and accelerate the healing process — and to cultivate a thriving community of practitioners utilizing Multi Radiance technology for this purpose. As an entrepreneurial community builder and creative soul (who loves science!) working with literal, ‘healing light,' she enthusiastically embraces her purpose.

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