January 8, 2023

How Medical Miracles are Chiropractic Normals with Dr Dean Peters DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 420

Father/Doctor/Coach/World Changer/Bio-Hacker
Born and raised in NJ
Evolved in Myrtle Beach, SC
Still evolving in Atlanta, GA.

Things that make me smile most:
•Quality Time connecting with my family & friends
•Empowering others to be brave enough to step into their power.
•Volleyball, Hiking, Surfing, Skimboarding, Wakeboarding, and anything else that’s got a board.

Previous Life: Pizza maker, Car Salesman, Subshop owner, Nightclub Bouncer, timeshare salesman, advertising agency, moving company, surf school owner, Server @Dick’s Last Resort, Personal Trainer

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