July 5, 2023

How an Immigrant Millionaire Can Affect Chiropractic w Maricela Soberanes – Chiro Hustle Podcast 471

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Maricela Soberanes alongside her husband, Christopher Linger, are principals at Up Plex Capital LLC. Accredited Real estate investors. Investing in real estate since 2006, they have built a personal portfolio valued at 4.5M (starting disposing process in 2020 to transition into apartment syndications).

Passively Invested in nine multifamily syndications across five states. Portfolio value of 122M as passive investors (LP). Additionally, +130M multifamily portfolio under management (>1700 units).

Maricela has a business degree and a successful medical service business since 2015.

As serial entrepreneurs, they own and operate a 100% veteran-owned company focused on real estate asset management, equity raising, and private money lending. In addition, they successfully Joint Ventured with other specialized partners to acquire self-storage facilities and mobile home parks.

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