June 21, 2023

Hear the Story of How Givers Gain with Sorinne Ardeleanu – Chiro Hustle Podcast 467

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Sorinne is an Independent 2024 Presidential Candidate, author, transformation mentor, and civil rights advocate.

As a connector of ideas, people, and universal truths… she has a rich background in theology and various sciences – including psychology, holistic healthcare, quantum mechanics, and (meta) physics.

Sorinne is an advisory board member of It Could Happen To You (a nonprofit organization that helped pass historical legislation, forming the country's first commission on prosecutorial conduct in New York State).

Previously, Sorinne has been an executive coach, a state delegate, a sales specialist, and sales manager in the exotic car world (closing as much as $10 million/year in sales), an art gallery co-founder, and a night club co-owner in San Francisco, CA.

Sorinne believes her purpose is to be, give, and receive Love. Her highest aspiration is to improve the quality of life for ALL expressions of Life.

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