December 27, 2023

Having Laser on the Brain with Dr Kirk Gair DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 521

Dr Kirk Gair has been in private practice since 1999 and began using Erchonia cold lasers in 2004. He has worked with elite athletes of all levels and is an expert in laser methods ranging from simple point-and-shoot protocols to advanced neuro re-calibration protocols. The effectiveness of these methods has turned his office into a wait list, 100% referral practice, and has brought in some top-tier athletes from across the US from professional, college, and elite travel teams including players from: Super Bowl Champions, MLB champions, College World Series Champions, High School wrestling National and State champions and Record Holders, World Record holding and Gold Medal runners, and The Dodgers/Angels LADABC Fantasy Camp.

Since 2017 he has taught doctors across the USA, Europe, and Latin America (in Spanish) these laser methods both live and via webinars and livestreams. He has had research on laser therapy published in journals and has also been the principal investigator in clinical trials on a new type of laser. Those trials led to the first-ever FDA clearance for a Green and Violet laser for chronic pain. He lectures 30-40 times per year and is a highly sought-after guest on health podcasts and summits.

In addition to treating top-level athletes, he has also completed additional training in functional medicine and functional neurology under the guidance of internationally acclaimed Dr. Datis Kharrazian and has patients come from all over the world for help, including Canada, Hong Kong, France, and Denmark, for his expertise. Dr Kharrazian had Dr Gair introduced the concept of laser therapy for neurodegenerative conditions and TBI at the International Association for Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation annual conference in 2017. He has written numerous articles on laser therapy published in Dynamic Chiropractic, Chiropractic Economics, and European sports magazines and trade journals.

He appeared in Dr. Izabella Wentz’s documentary, The Thyroid Secret, which was seen by over a half million people worldwide. In it he discussed the cold laser methods he uses to provide support for patients with thyroid and brain issues. Dr. Gair’s methods were also discussed in Dr. Wentz’s best-selling book, Hashimoto’s Protocol. He also has a Facebook group for laser practitioners to help them with protocols and marketing methods that has over 1000 members and is rapidly growing. It is a free group and is called Dr Gair’s Laser Therapy Treatment & Marketing Secrets.


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LUKE MILLETT (PRODUCER):  Hey guys, welcome to episode 521 of the Chiro Hustle podcast. I'm your producer, Luke Millett, and here's your host, James Chester.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So today we're going to be interviewing Dr. Kirk Garre. And if you want to hear more about having laser on the brain, stay tuned. Welcome back. This is another episode of the Chiro Hustle podcast. It's episode 521 and today I have Kirk Garre on today. And today it's going to be laser focused. We're going to talk about all things laser. It's not a pain-based system, it's not an insurance-based system, it's a cash model. And I want everybody to understand that the systems that he's going to be talking today are some revolutionary, I think they're green and violet-light laser technology that he has been a major contributor to bring into the market. So before we jump into this episode, I want to let everyone know the big why. Why do we do what we do over here at Chiro Hustle? Well, first things first is the first amendment, which is freedom of speech. We've never censored anyone here on this platform, which I think is huge. We do stand for medical freedom, family health freedom. Those are things that are, that's who makes us who we are. We should be able to make choices as to how we take care of our bodies and our families' bodies. And we should have the ability to speak about how we feel about those things freely and openly within our culture. We also protect BJ Palmer's Sacred Trust with our show. If you don't know what that means, go to your favorite search engine and look for BJ Palmer's last words in Sacred Trust. And as chiropractors, keep guarding it. Guard it well. And then we also believe in subluxation-based chiropractic and support that group as well. And we believe in innate intelligence and universal intelligence. We believe that when man or woman, the physical gets adjusted, it connects them to man or woman, the spiritual. And with that being said, Dr. Kirk, welcome to the show.

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  Thanks for having me. I'm happy to be here. I think it's great what you're doing to share this information with doctors and patients alike. Great. A positive vibe throughout the whole community. It's really wonderful.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, you know, I was kind of leading into that on our pre-interview chat, but we've done something that's really unique in the chiropractic space. And it's really turned on the walls of division. And I think that that's something, if somebody's listening to this, your friends and family and colleagues, patients, whatever, practice members, people are going to listen to this eventually. And they're going to realize that chiropractors are more alike than they are different. And that chiropractors are out there giving, loving, serving. And I think that that's really important for people to know that chiropractic comes from that zone, but also that this show is non-denominational. We celebrate the chiropractic profession because chiropractors are the ones that stand alone in this marketplace when it comes to not cutting it out, not drugging it out, not burning it out. And I think that that's really important when it comes to chiropractors being a healing art. And it is a science, philosophy and art. So that being said, I know you do some really cool things with science and healing art. So why don't we jump right in and tell us your chiropractic story and how you got to where you are today?

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  Sure. My story started when I was 16 and I was a high school football player playing on offense and defense as a quarterback, an outside linebacker, a kicker and a punter. And so a lot of stress on the back. I didn't come off the field very much. And I had this back injury that kept nagging at me during the season and got worse every week. And of course, when I saw the team doctor, he just medicated me. And some of the meds were so strong that I was literally watching a video. This is back in the 1980s when you would rent videos. And I'm watching a video and I couldn't understand English because the drugs were so strong that you just shut down my brain. I thought, okay, this is not good. So I stopped taking them and just played through the pain until I finally collapsed on the field in the final game. And then I got caught about the field and severe pain couldn't hardly get out of bed, put on my shoes, take a share, et cetera. So they set me up a North Pole consult. North Pole does the briefest of exams with me. Never recommended the chiropractor or anything and told me I needed that surgery. I needed to have a few discs removed and to have my vertebrae fused. And then I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life. I'd never go back to playing football again. And I was going to lead a sedentary life and on painkillers for the rest of my life. And imagine I'm 16 and I hear this and I had dreams of playing college football. And so I felt helpless if there was nowhere to turn and somebody referred me to their chiropractor who was a great sports chiropractor guy. He got me adjusted and bam, within a month I was back out there and I played my senior year and I was one of the top quarterbacks in LA County and I was the MVP of my league and I went off and I played college football as well. And that was life changing for me. And I thought, you know what, there's a lot of other kids out there who are in the same situation who were hurt and staring down potential of them telling that your life's going to be drastically different and you're never going to play sports because I think if I had followed that orthopedics advice, I probably end up, you know, a prescription painkiller at it and my life is totally different. So that inspired me to go to chiropractic school. And when I first graduated, I was working in a high volume type of an office. This guy who had been kind of like my mentor in school taught me, you know, the high volume stuff. I was doing all the spinal screenings. I was going toward a door. So I got my feet with a ton of adjustments there and then went off my own and I was doing workers comp for a while until in 2004, Arnold Schwarzenegger got elected through the Gabonetta of California and he was elected with the Health of the Chiropractic Association and he promised to help us a ton. Instead, when he gets into office, he dominated us and kind of carved us out of the work comp system. And that's when I got really fed up with insurance model too. And I said, you know what? The next thing I do, I want it to be not insurance based and I want to do something where I don't have to do so many screenings because it was a little tiring for me being out there all the time. I wanted to do something where I could really generate a lot of internal referrals with combining some technologies with Chiropractic with the adjustments I had learned. So I went to hear Dr. Dan Murphy speak up in Northern California. He was doing this seminar in Lasers and this was 2004. So I convinced my wife to come with me and at the time we were reinventing the practice because we went from doing really well with workers comp to having to reinvent it. So she told me, she said, all right, I'll go with you in one condition. I know how you are. You're like Jack and the beanstalk. You see a bunch of bright and shiny objects and you're going to want to buy a bunch of stuff. It's not going to buy a bunch of stuff. I said, all right, I promise. I'm not going to buy a bunch of stuff. I go in and as we walk in, they had this computerized range of motion and muscle testing device to assess our range of motion for the cervical spine and the upper extremities and muscle strength. And so they did this and then they lasered us and then remeasured it and I saw changes in range of motion and muscle strength. And that's it. I was blown away and I heard Dr. Murphy talk about how you've been combining Lasers with Chiropractic since the 80s. One of the big things he was saying, he was a bigger opponent of saying that if nothing else, you've got to get a laser on your brain and use it every day because what it could do to reverse neurodegeneration and keeping that I thought was in line with Chiropractic philosophy was to enhance your function. And Dr. Murphy has an incredible brain. So I saw these results, saw my range of motion, muscle strength improved when I had no pain and that excited me. And I thought we stack this with adjustments. We could really optimize people's performance. And so I thought it's going to be easier to ask for my wife's permission or forgiveness. And I opted for forgiveness and I got my Lasers and I came back to the room and showed them to her and she's like, what did you do? You know, we're reinventing everything. And why did you go ahead and get that? And I said, sit down. Let me show you what I learned from Dr. Murphy and how we're going to combine this with Chiropractic. And this is going to help us to break free of the insurance model and go in more of a cash model. So that's why I got started with it initially.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  You know, hearing your story makes me resonate on some of the path that I've been on too. I was 16 years old playing high school football, punting and kicking. And we had this breakaway from the punt returner. And I went and tackled the guy and I hurt my shoulder. And I grew up in Davenport, Iowa. And my mom took me to Palmer College to get some x-rays on my shoulder. And I heard the recommendation on my high school football trainer. And I went over to Palmer and I said, hey, would it be okay if we also x-rayed his spine to see if he has any subluxations? Yeah. And my mom, I'm 16 at the time, she's like, sure. So from that point on, I've always been, I was intrigued by Chiropractic. I didn't become a Chiropractor. My path was to get into journalism and marketing. But I also, I always knew that when I was getting adjusted, I felt better. I always knew I performed better. And it took me probably another 25, 30 years before I tried a laser. So I think it's really cool that we're talking about laser today because I do think it has an edge for athletic performance.


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And I think that we can jump into that conversation a little bit because I just like you wanted to go on to college and become an athlete and carry on my career through past high school. And I know that Chiropractic helped both of us. So how are you seeing laser and Chiropractic integrate with youth and performance?

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  It's phenomenal. There's like nothing out there that can touch the combination of them. I work with a lot of youth athletes because kids now are starting year round sports at the age of like five and six. And they're becoming specialized in sports. They're almost like little Yvonne Dragos, you know, where they're, they're, they'll literally have kids who are 10 that have a speech coach, a hitting coach, a batting, you know, a fieldy coach, a throwing coach, et cetera. They're doing all these different things together to try to enhance their performance. So it fits in with these parents philosophies. And we'll usually have a kid come in initially for an injury is what they'll usually show up for is that they got hurt on the field and they're told that, you know, their season is done or something like that. And then really common ones are going to be shoulders. Like you said, like we'll have kids recommended for surgery. And because we can do with lasers, when you get these on the body, they actually stimulate stem cells. So it stimulates your body to repair those tissues. So we've had kids who without their going to have surgery, not have to go in and get the surgery because the tissue has actually repaired to where there's even one of the local orthopedic doctors in my town, where it prevents his patients from seeing me before surgery because he's had too many cancer. So these kids many times will come in for that. And then they, because they're so focused on trying to get into college, you know, they're trying to do it in the legit way, not the Lori Loughlin way. Let's fake some pictures. They're actually trying to get seen with their performance. I tell the kids, listen, you know, we've got you out of this injury here, but now we've got to look at how do we prevent injuries from going back and also how do we optimize performance. So we'll have them coming in regularly. Sometimes it's weekly for their whole high school career where they're getting laser and adjustment. And our metrics to see how they're improving could be what's the velocity can throw a ball at. And I tell the doctor who will come in and say, hey, you know, I don't have any pain, but my velocity has dropped two or three miles an hour or a sprint. Who says, Hey, my time is off. You know, it's I'm not running as fast as I used to. And so that's where we can utilize the laser and have a system we go through and we'll actually test the muscle and see with the picture, we'll test specific, throwing muscles, see what's weak or shaky and then laser over the nerve root or over the muscle itself. And you can see the muscle change its strength within a very short period of time. And then we'll finish off with the adjustment. And I think the real proof for this is I have so many kids now that are division one athletes, one kid that won a world championship in the Pan Am Jr.'s game and set a world record. And that kid was amazing because he had these chronic hamstring pools. His mom's a physical therapist, so she was doing all the PT on her. He'd been in some great chyros for adjustments. But what was missing was how to how to enhance the functional muscles with the laser. So when I stacked in the laser with the adjustment, it was like the peanut butter and chocolate together. And we got him to where he didn't have those hamstring injuries in the door. And he goes down to the Pan Am games and sets his world record in the four by four hundred meters and wins a gold medal and then goes off to USC and continues to set records over there where they set two national titles and two records with that. So that's what's really exciting is you can see the kids with their performance. We even do a technique where I'll laser on the brain while we do eye movement stimulation. So we get those neural pathways to fire and while we're lasering at the same time, you can enhance that function. These kids now can see the ball better. So their batting average increases. And I think the biggest proof of that was I had one college athlete came in. He was an infielder and he was in for elbow tenonitis from throwing across the infield. And he was worried about Tommy John. We get the elbow straightened out and the dad jokingly says, can you do anything to help him hit a home run? Because his son had never hit a home run in youth baseball and pony leagues and travel ball and high school or in college. And I said, well, I do have a technique and we combine this with the adjustments that can get him to see the ball better and have his mechanics better. Let's try it out. So we did it on him the very next day. He had his first ever home run and then was in the junior college game. And he almost hit a second one out and his dad was so excited. He's like, dude, we're going to do this every week on him because that batting was so different. And when you get those kind of results like that, the word spreads like wildfire to where everybody starts talking about, oh, you're some voodoo doctor. It's amazing what you did to enhance my kid's performance, to throw the ball harder, to run faster, to hit better. And it makes it exciting because we have a real youth-based practice. If you come into my office, it looks almost like a pediatric practice to where I'd say probably 70% of my office is kids college age and younger, which is exciting because we're creating the next generation of people who are in level chiropractic who are looking at utilizing this for pretty much everything in any injury and also for performance enhancement.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  You know, this opens up a lot of conversation topics for me. When I was that 16 year old kid, I was also doing high level training called Frappier Acceleration. And it was a high level plyometric training that I was doing in speed training on these like super treadmills. And we did this thing called a cheetah club and you had to sprint 18 miles per hour to be able to get the cheetah club like certification. And had I had the laser treatment going on along with the chiropractic care, I bet that I would have been able to sprint faster and faster. And as it was, I was sprinting 21 miles per hour, which was pretty cool. And it put me on the radar for like college soccer because that's what I want to do. And like when you got a kid that can like burst speed, you know, and beat people off the line and get to a ball and you could just imagine what they're going to do with the ball and be able to do whether it's pitching or whether it's hitting or whether it's picking it. So when you have like athletic performance, that has an edge to it. That's really cool that you have a practice like that.

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  Yeah, it's huge for that. And what's great is I can back it up with research studies too. So one of the things we do is we give the parents and the coaches this handout that talks about laser therapy for performance enhancement. And in this study, it showed that using low level lasers like this one, you'll see this one's the green environment that you mentioned here. You can probably see it better on my shirt here. But it increases ATP production, glutathione, nitric oxide. And they said that when they compared these two groups of athletes, the ones who got laser versus the non-laser ones, the laser ones, it was that they had taken performance enhancing drugs but didn't have any side effects. And they actually in their conclusions, they said laser enhanced muscle muscle mass, muscle strength and recovery time. And they said, we're not sure that should be allowed in the Olympics because it gave these kids an unfair advantage. And as chiropractors, we already know how great chiropractic is for improving your mechanics and communication between the brain and the nervous system. When you stack these two together, it's so cool that while I'll have coaches bring in all their star athletes on a regular basis and booking out their appointments in advance because they want their little extra advantage with their kids, I still play in flag football tournaments. I bring my laser out there and I laser myself and my teammates in between games to enhance the performance. And if 53, I can still throw a football hard nut that it whistles.

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JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, a couple months back, I had this kid from Oregon. I mean, Jordan Gorman on the show. He made a movie called The Aligned Athlete. It was about how chiropractic was helping with Olympic based athletes and world class athletes. I think it was the O'Brien dude, Dan O'Brien. I don't know. He's in the movie and Justin Gatlin's in the movie, but it shows how chiropractic was having a positive impact on world class performance. You're talking about this patient of yours that went on to perform the Pan Am games. Every single person that gets adjusted, I've always said this. If somebody practices a chiropractic lifestyle, I've never met anybody that had a worse quality of life. Whether it's for elite athletes or the desk jockey or the stay at home mom, it's only going to improve people's lives. I guess this gets me to a position where I have a really interesting question. Over time, have you worked with athletes? Have you noticed a decline in posture? I mean, we have smartphones and technology that's constantly in their faces.

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  Yeah, definitely. We have, I mean, I don't see it as bad with the athletes because it's interesting. It's like there's two groups of young humanoids. You're the athletes who are, they're extremely focused on everything. They're more dialed in, I was an athlete in the 80s and we didn't think anything of nutrition. Our weight training was all over the place. These kids are very dialed in. So they're focused, they're almost like little mini pro athletes. There's even an elite academy by my office where their schooling is all based around their athletic activities to where they do everything. It's like they work out and they meet with their team in the morning and then they do individualized studying in the afternoons. So those kids come in, their posture's good. Their diet is better than most of the other ones. I still do notice them because they're on their devices. They do tend to have more anterior head care agents and some shoulder protraction. Where I really noticed is when I walk on the school campuses to do sports physicals and I look at the non athletic kids, those ones look a lot of their bodies in their posture. Look like they're in their 70s and 80s. You watch them as they walk, they have a poor arm swing, their hand tone. Look at their hand tone and you'll see now a lot of kids, there's a softness to their hands, they kind of move like this when they're walking because they have poor cerebellar function. Because what do they do all day? They're not outside riding bikes and climbing trees and playing sports. They're gaming all day or they're on TikTok and they're watching videos and we're trying to make videos all day. And so they're not developing their brains and we see this devolution where their posture is just anterior head carriage. You're seeing a lot of humps here in the upper thoracic region and poor muscle tone throughout. Where even some of the kids will be not overweight but they're squishy. They have no muscle tone. So we're really seeing this with a lot of kids these days and it's alarming to me that we see this. So I will point it out to them when I do see them coming into the office if they're a non athlete or if we have it with an athlete, hey, we got to make sure your posture is right because that's telling you what your brain function is like. And you see an old person where their posture is declining, a young person whose posture is poor means their brain has not developed properly as well too.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, you know, a lot of times I heard it said that it's called nursing home posture. And kids are expressing nursing home posture. And I've heard it called digital dementia. And kids aren't developing well and they're not getting that self esteem either because they look like they look and feel old and they're like, yes, 12 and 13 years old.

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  Absolutely. I think one of the scariest ones I had was I had a kid in my office and I love playing video games. I'm a gamer but I try to limit my time. I'm talking with this one kid about games because he's got a shirt on and I said, oh, do you like playing video games? And he said, oh, well, yeah, you know, usually when I come home from school, I watch four hours on what is it, Twitch or or or or or or or steam. I think it is. And I said, wait a minute, you watch video games? Yeah, yeah. I watch this one guy. I love watching play. He said, well, do you actually play? Oh, no, I'm not any good. And I thought, how sad is that that this kid is literally sedentary lifestyle watching someone else playing a virtual game? And that to me is just the saddest thing. And he's not the only one. I know a lot of these kids will sit and watch, you know, YouTube videos and TikTok videos for four to eight hours a day, which is just to me, that's really terrifying for the future.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. And I've experienced that. My best friend growing up, his son was watching somebody else playing Minecraft. Yes. And I'm like, what are you doing? All you do is listen to like this whiny ass kid like complaining about this game and getting killed and stuff. And I'm like, this is weird.

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  It's really weird. I'm like, are you learning this to get past the level? No, I don't play it. My art. It's just for entertainment. Just for entertainment. Yeah, I don't get it. So yeah, I don't get it. But going back to these athletes, what's really cool is when we use the lasers and especially with do things getting laser on the cerebellum and we'll stick them on a vibration plate. And you can really see that posture change very quickly because now we've activated different neural networks in the brain. We've put more energy into the brain with ATP. So everything's firing better and that posture is better. The breathing is better. You stack that with lasers and you see enhanced outcomes for these athletes. And then their parents come in. That's the cool thing is afterwards the parents will be like, hey, you know what? I got this going on. Can you see me as well? And that's where combining the laser with the adjustments, it creates this internal viral marketing and within their team and with their coaches. Because if I have like a coach in my office and I work on them and they can feel how much better they perform as a weekend warrior, they want to send all their athletes into me because the biggest fear that coaches have is that they go to the pediatrician. What's the pediatrician going to do? They're going to shut them down for four to six weeks, tell them to take ibuprofen and it does nothing to fix the underlying imbalance. They know if they send them into me, I'm going to assess their spine and look to say, hey, they have a pelvic imbalance, you know, how any kind of subluxation is going on there. And then what's happening with the communication between the brain and the muscles that we've got to affect with the lasers and enhance the performance. And we'll get these kids back out there sometimes in a few days or a week. And you know, it spreads like wildfire.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, back in the day, you know, when we were kids, you know, you got a little bit on me, but when we were kids, like they would have scoliosis checks for us.


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And I think they need to go and just do regular postural checks with kids so they can give recommendations to their parents on how to raise healthy kids because we know that when somebody has a forward head posture, it crushes their cervical curve. And not only that, it gives them less vital lung capacity. Like I know that because if I always tell people, do you think that your head positioning with your posture has an impact on your breathing and people have no idea? Then I said, okay, put your head out as far as you can and take a deep breath. It's a struggle. And I say, go put your head back over your shoulders and take the same deep breath and take, you know, do it again. And it's like, whoa, like you can actually see the respiration and improve. So why wouldn't an athlete want to have better posture? Why wouldn't parents want their kids to have better posture? Because it's better functionality for the whole body.

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  Absolutely. And it's a good point you bring up there about the scoliosis screens. Now here in California, they still do those, but here's where the problem comes in. You'll have these nurses that will, or nursing assistants that will do it at school. And they'll see just like a pelvic tilt and they'll diagnose that as a scoliosis. And then they don't give the kidney recommendations like, hey, go see a chiropractor. This might be corrected with an adjustment. They'll just tell them, well, we are modern to do this every year to see how the curve progresses. And once it gets bad, then they'll do surgery on you. But they don't talk about anything about adjustments. They don't look at the fact that the cerebellum affects those intrinsic spinal muscles, which can affect the way that the curve starts to go as well too. So when you affect the brain with adjustments and with laser on the brain, you do cerebellar exercises and you adjust them, you can have these kids now have, you know, get rid of these, you know, these improper curves that they're diagnosing as a scoliosis. And you can change the outcome of the rest of life, like you said, so they don't get that organ compression and don't get the poor respiration.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  You know, a lot of what we're talking about, I think every parent in the world needs to hear, you know, I think that I think that every parent deserves to have access to this information. So my ask is for everybody that listens to this episode to share with your parent groups, to share with your patient base. So that's a big part of our show too, Dr. Kirk, is to have people to have people that listen to our show, that's how people can get back to us. They just, they just hit the share button. They send this to one friend, two friends, three friends, five friends. And now the next thing people know is they're finding resources because of Chiro hustle that they can, that they can learn from. And I think as an educational depository, like this is something that's really important for the culture of chiropractic is chiropractors in general have a hard time promoting other chiropractors, but when it comes to doing the right thing, chiropractors are always first in line. So whoever listens to this episode, please hit the like and share just because there's a mom or dad out there that needs to hear this message.

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  Definitely. And as you're talking about moms or dads, what's a really cool thing is that with these Erconia lasers that I use, we actually have a quadruple blind study on kids with autism. And this showed amazing benefits with these kids, quadruple blind versus a red light being used as the control of the placebo device on there. And we saw amazing changes in their behavior and their cognitive functioning submitted to the FDA. FDA sits on it and says, well, you know, the results look too good. We need you to redo them. So they were redone and resubmitted and they have these had these since 2018 and has not approved it yet for autism treatment. Yet you see them rush these drugs to market very quickly because, you know, that it's good for the stock market. That's good for big pharma. Whereas this is something that helps kids that are noninvasive and we utilize this as an off label treatment in my office where we'll have kids with reading disorders or with autism or different behavior disorders. We'll use the lasers. These are non thermal lasers. So they are safe to use on the brain, not all lasers are things you can use on the brain, but the non thermal ones that are low power, you can definitely use those safely. And we'll even have kids just read, do whatever they're weak at while they're under the laser. And they're reading comprehension and reading function actually improves. And then their behavior tends to improve. And then when you talk about kids posture there on these devices, a lot of kids have a very short attention span and one kid who had a 12 second attention span. He'd watch a YouTube video and then move to the next one, next one. So what we did with him, he was a kid with autism, is we sat him in his dad's lap. We laser him while he would watch videos because that's the only way he would focus. And three sessions, three 10 minute sessions, we got him from a 12 second attention span to a six minute attention span. So thinking about how huge it is for that kid now when he goes in and he's working with his special tutors to be able to now have a six minute window to try to help this child versus a 12 second window. And this was done with combining the lasers plus we do the adjustments as well. And then we talk about nutrition. We talk about the healthy lifestyle to affect the whole human being for their whole life.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, I'm going to go back to a couple of things you said about the pediatricians and the people doing the physicals for scoliosis is the unfortunate truth is that those people have been captured by the medical industry to actually they're doing harm. They're destroying lives by not doing the right things. And that's why I've been supportive of chiropractic for the past 14 and a half years because I always saw chiropractors is doing the right thing and staying alone. And in the face of medical tyranny, chiropractors still stood up and said, no, we checked, detect and correct, and retrieval, subluxations. We allow the body to get, you know, a realignment of the spine taking pressure off the nervous system. And actually me being a non chiropractor, I'll tell everybody it does boost immunity. And that's the thing that the whole system that captured America and all the medical professionals would not admit. So when we're at this type of cultural conversation that has a validation to the future of our advancement and development of the future generations, it's something that needs to be discussed and it's something that needs to be, you know, openly had a conversation on because, you know, there's so many people out there that are just, they would jump on this, like all in, if they knew, right, if they knew, but they've been, they've been walked down the line and told after every episode of every from the doctors on TV to the next thing, what was it back in the day, ER was a big thing on TV. So we've been raised anatomy. We've been fed every step along the way that the only people to listen to are doctors. And every time that they have a chiropractor on modern media and any type of like representation of a chiropractor, they make them look like some type of like outlier. And I think I think that we need to bring the power back to chiropractic because chiropractic is a standalone profession that's been serving people for 127 years. And that's something that, you know, I'll die on the hill for that because I think that the future of our people, we need to have somebody that's going to represent us and stand against the system. And that's something I was really excited about our interview today because I knew that you're doing stuff with laser and that helps with the development and the enhancement of lifestyle.

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  It does. And it helps with the immune system as well too. So when we look at like this one here, which is a combination green and violet, the violet, there's numerous studies available there, index on PubMed talking about how violet lasers can help the body versus let's say COVID for example, there's, if you're going to put menu type in violet and blue lasers and COVID, you'll see numerous studies, but no one never talked about them. And you'll see them changing things for even things like MRSA, 92% effectiveness rate against even MRSA. And you see these things that are on there. And as you talk about like the difference between some of the mainstream things, that's where I have one of my first laser miracles was really showing a difference between major mainstream versus what I was doing. This was like in around 2004, I just got my laser and I had a patient come into me with what I call the Princess Leia line where she shows up and she's like, help me, Obi-Wan, you're my last, not only hope. And so she came in because she had been a princess on a homecoming float for her high school. And she's in high heels and she's in the back of a flatbed truck. And the teacher who was driving and thought it would be funny to do quick stops and starts, you know, and make the kids fly around. Well, she rolled her ankle. She's doing this. And so she went to Kaiser over here in Southern California by Los Angeles afterwards and they diagnosed her with an ankle spray and they said, four to six weeks should be fine, rest ice compression elevation and use these crutches and you'll be fine. Like if she was in my office, I'd get laser on her right away and we'd get her better between 35 and 70 percent faster. But she had that going on. She shows up in my office six months later. She had been at Children's Hospital recently and Children's Hospital looked at and they said, we can't figure out why you have this problem in your leg. We're basically all the way up to her mid thigh. Her leg was cold. It was purplish red and it was extremely painful to the touch. Any kind of touch would feel like razor blades on her. And they told her, well, we don't know what this is or why it happened, but we are concerned you're going to get gangrene. And so what we need to do is do a mid thigh amputation. So imagine they didn't put this girl through any types of therapy. Never recommend anything else, but they're going to cut off her leg and commit thigh at 16. So how much has this changed the rest of this girl's life? So she and her mom are in my office and they say, you're my last and only hope. No pressure there, right? I just barely got started with lasers. And so I said, all right, well, I don't, I, at least it can the laser help. I said, I don't know, but I know it won't hurt you. The laser does more than just pain. This actually stimulates repair of the nervous system. It increases blood flow. It dampens inflammation. We're going to do this and we're going to do some adjustments on you as well too. So I stacked the laser on her leg while I did other therapies and then finished her off with adjustments. Within three weeks, she had a complete resolution of her symptoms to where she beforehand, she had to have all of her pant legs cut off with the mid thigh. She couldn't sleep under a sheet because that would, that would just cause extreme shooting pain. And she's now totally normal. She's excited to go back to Children's Hospital and show them which better she is. She walks into Children's Hospital, they're shocked to see her wearing a normal pant leg, no crutches because she'd been on crutches for six months. So she goes in there and they said, wow, this is amazing. And she said, she and her mom said, yeah, I went to this chiropractor. She did low level lasers and adjustments and I feel fine. Guess what they said in the face of this clear evidence? They said, oh, no, no, no, lasers and chiropractic. They can't do anything. You either had a miracle like a spontaneous recovery or we misdiagnosed you, but hey, good thing we didn't cut your leg off. So that really blew me away because I'm thinking never something where if I'm on the other end of this, I see a patient of my change like this, I'm calling that doctor and saying, hey, what did you do? What did you do here because I've never gotten a result of this, but no, they never called. I've had it where I've had patients, kids go in for surgeries. One girl who had a terrible triad. She had a meniscal tear ACL and MCR tear. She was supposed to be out for nine to 12 months after her surgery. We did a laser on her, got her adjusted. She was back wrestling and competing in three months and her surgeon and her peaches were blown away because they said no one had ever gotten cleared for a sport after that surgery any sooner than nine months. And with our combo, she got cleared in just over three months and went on to win her league championship as a high school senior instead of missing her whole senior year like the, or the pediatric surgeon said she was going to have to. So they see this clear evidence. And I think it's a travesty that they don't look into it and don't look into what we're doing as chiropractors and as we're doing, combining nutrition and laser. And if not incorporated their office, at least recommended, give their patients an option for that. And unfortunately, I do have some orthos now who are starting to do that. But years in the past, they would actually say no. And one of the orthos for visit is for bits, his patients from CME before surgery because too many of them have canceled surgeries on him because we've been able to get them to heal up and not need the surgery. And that to me is a travesty.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, Dr. Gar, I appreciate you being on with us. Your episode 521 of the Chiro hustle podcast. I know there's a lot of stuff we could have talked about. And a lot more topics we could have taken a deeper dive on. But I appreciate you sharing so openly about laser and about being in practice for the past 24 years. Yeah, and about everything that you stand for and what you've been doing. If people want to connect with you or join your laser group, we can send them to.

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  So if they're a health care provider, they can go to Dr. Gar's laser therapy and treatment. Sorry, Dr. Gar's laser therapy treatment and marketing secrets. If you just type in Dr. Gar's, that's G-A-I-R apostrophe S, it'll pop up because I have a very rare Scottish name. So there's really almost no other Dr. Gar's out there. If they're a patient, they can join my patient group, which is just Dr. Gar's patient health and performance secrets. So they're welcome to join either of those groups. One is based more for doctors who are either using lasers and want to enhance it or who are looking to learn about it. You're welcome. Whatever laser you use, you're welcome to join my group. It's a great community. We have over 1100 doctors in there and the doctors will post questions. Hey, how would you use a laser to support this condition and we help each other out and refer people back and forth? Hey, I got a patient who's got a family member in Saskatchewan. You got to need money over there. It would be a random place and we might have a talk who's over in that area. So it's a cool place to come in and then in my patient group, they can join that and learn about different things in addition to chiropractic as well as lasers and nutrition to help keep them optimally functioning, to maximize performance. That's what I'm focused on is performance optimization. I'm interested in that. I'm not interested in just maintaining things. I'm interested in making humans the best human they can possibly be with a combination of chiropractic technology and nutrition.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, Dr. Kurt Gare, thank you for being on our episode today.

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  Thanks for having me. It was a pleasure.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. We'll have you back on in the future.

DR KIRK GAIR DC (GUEST):  Sounds great.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Awesome. Well, I'll close out by telling everyone you're just one story way. Keep hustling. I'll see you guys on the next episode. Appreciate you guys. Bye for now. Thanks for listening to Chiro Hustle. Don't forget to subscribe and check back next week to continue hustling.


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