November 16, 2022

Grow Your Cash Practice with Leadership – Dr Matthew Christenson DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 405

Dr. Matthew Christenson grew up in West Fargo and went to undergraduate school at NDSU. He attended the prestigious Northwestern Health Sciences University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2010 and was selected by his colleagues as the commencement speaker. Six months out of school he started one of the biggest 100% cash GONSTEAD-Based offices in West Texas and gratefully served thousands up until he and his family felt the Lord calling them back to their families in West Fargo, ND at the end of 2016. During this time he was selected for multiple awards including BEST Chiropractor and one of the TOP up and coming Entrepreneurs.

During this transition, Dr. Christenson tore his right ACL while showing off his backflip capability to his five-year-old daughter at a local trampoline park. He says one of his most humbling moments was when his wife, who was in labor with their second child had to help him (instead of him helping her) support himself as he limped through the hospital on her way to give birth. A truly life-changing event but also helped him to piece together a POWERFUL KNEE program that allowed him to get his life back after having a botched surgery and 3 mos. of what he referred to as PHYSICAL TERRORISM.

Using these protocols along with his mentor, Dr. Rob Scranton’s coaching he was able to take this 2nd practice from 0 to over $60k in CASH collections HIS FIRST MONTH OPEN (*Dr. Scranton did 55k collections). This was and still is the highest collections EVER for a DC in their first month EVER.

Since that time he has mastered multiple niches and has not dropped under six figures per month in CASH-COLLECTIONS. He currently runs Dakota Clinic in Fargo and specializes in conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, knee pain, frozen shoulder, and Fibromyalgia. On top of running a multi-million dollar clinic, he is also a paid consultant for multiple high-level offices across the nation. His biggest practice to date broke six figures in collections six months in practice in Texas.

Dr. Matt has spoken nationally to thousands of DCs on topics ranging from technique to HIS FAVORITE, yet most DCs’ nightmare…The BUSINESS side of the practice. Known for his INFECTIOUS enthusiasm, Dr. Matt is always known to bring the energy and not only EDUCATE but ENTERTAIN. Unlike many speakers who speak on their experience ten years ago in practice…Dr. Matt is in the trenches day in and day out. He does not candy-coat the truth and WILL ALWAYS DELIVER the goods. If he says it will work, it will work.

Dr. Matt has two children, one daughter, Sophia, and one son, Gunnar. In his free time, he enjoys being with his family/friends, hunting, and reading to fill his insatiable love for knowledge and classic cars. His aim in life is to remain a hero to his kids and educate/inspire as many people as possible to find and create value in this world with their God-given talents.

Dr. Matt has a love for people and a servant’s heart. His two biggest inspirations are his mentor and beloved friend, Dr. Rob Scranton, and the late Giant Amongst Men, Dr. Thomas Owen. His motto on life is to NEVER let your REGRETS take the place of dreams and NEVER be defined by your circumstances or PAST.

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