November 8, 2023

Get more Chiropractic Programs into Schools – Selina Sigafoose-Jackson DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 507

Selina Sigafoose-Jackson is a 1989 graduate of Life Chiropractic College. Having grown up in a chiropractic family, she understood how crucial the philosophy of chiropractic is and knew she had to marry a chiropractor. She met Kevin Jackson on the second day of school and they married on July 2, 1988. They have two stunning daughters, Kinna and Kloé, and a son-in-law, Austin, and grandson, Haddon James Shaffer.

Selina and Kevin have been practicing together since October 1991 in York, PA. They have maintained a large high volume practice since the beginning. Wanting to enjoy being a wife, mother, and high-volume chiropractor, Selina realized the importance of expressing the chiropractic philosophy quickly, efficiently, and passionately. She believes that lay people may not remember what you said but they will remember how you said it and how it made them feel. Her goal after sharing her 12-14 minute new patient orientation is to leave them saying “WOW”.

Selina is one of the 14 founders of The League of Chiropractic Women and is on the Executive Board as Secretary/Treasurer. She has also been the Secretary/Treasurer of the International Chiropractors Association for 6 years, Vice President for 2 years, as the first female to have ever held that position, and in April 2021 first female Board President of the ICA.


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Well, Let's hustle.

Hey guys, welcome to episode 507 of the Chiro Hustle podcast. I'm your producer, Luke Millett, and here's your host, James Chester.

So today we have the opportunity of interviewing Dr. Selena Sigafoose Jackson.

If you want to hear about how to get more Chiropractic programs into schools and legacy, stay tuned.

My dogs will roam around, but it's better than having a bark outside the door, so.

All right, so great introduction there.

The dogs will bark, everyone.

Maybe that's a good intro for the show, but welcome back, everybody.

This is another episode of the Chiro Hustle podcast, just really excited for today's show.

We have Selena Sigafoose Jackson, episode 507.

We've broken the 500 mark.

Anybody in podcast world knows that that's kind of a big thing.

So I'm really excited for the next 493 of these.

And you know, we've been doing this for five and a half years, so pretty cool.

But before we jump in, I just want everyone to know our why.

Why do we do it?

We do over here and our pre conversation before this all kicked off today on this interview,

we were talking about like medical freedom, family freedom.

I like freedom of speech too.

And that's one of the reasons why we do this show is for the First Amendment.

We do the show because we do want to protect freedom of speech and chiropractic, medical

freedom of family freedom.

I say this time and time again, if people don't listen to anything but the first minute

of our show, I want them to know the integrity that we do and that we stand for.

We also protect BJ Palmer Sacred Trust.

I know it's really big in chiropractic.

If you guys don't know what that means, go to your favorite search engine and look for

BJ Palmer's last words, the Sacred Trust.

You're going to learn so much more about chiropractic than you did previously.

And that's a big part of the show is educate people.

We also support subluxation based chiropractic and intelligence and universal intelligence.

We believe that when man or woman, the physical get adjusted, it connects them to man or woman

in the spiritual.

With that being said, Dr. Selena, welcome to the show.

Thanks for having me.

Yeah, it's a very long wind introduction, but I think that those things are the tenets

of the big Y and it's necessary for us to have some lines in the concrete that we lay

down and say we don't go past that.

That's important to us and that holds our reasons to carry forward.

And I think that that's a big spirit of chiropractic and I'm just really curious.

I've never really heard your story about how you got into chiropractic.

I know that you come from a chiropractic family, but I've never heard your perspective on what

was coming from a chiropractic family and where you are today.

So I'm sure all of our audience is going to be excited to hear this one.

Well, it reminds a unique one in that, yes, my father, chiropractor, I'm one of six kids.

So I'm actually the fourth graduated chiropractor of my siblings on the fifth child, but I'm

on the fourth to graduate to others graduated after me.

But truth is, I knew from the very beginning of life that I wasn't much into dating in

that I didn't think that you should just go fishing unless you wouldn't eat the fish.

And so I went to chiropractic school to find a husband.

I needed to know that the person that I was going to spend the rest of my life with, I

didn't have to say, no, we're going to have our kids born at home.

No, our kids aren't going to get vaccinated.

No, my kids are going to sleep with us.

No, our kids are going to.

I needed somebody that got that and that if we were going to have troubles, the troubles

weren't going to start down.

They might have started up a little higher with maybe other things, but not with kids

and not with the basic core fundamental values that I really honored and respected in my

growing up years.

That was okay with me being a vegetarian and raising my children as vegetarians.

Little things like that.

So that is really the long and short of why I went to chiropractic school.

And then I met Kevin, my husband, the first day of chiropractic school or undergrad that

was four chiropractic.

And then hey, why not finish school?

I was already there.

I already had my prerequisites.

Let's just go for it.

So that's where that came from.

So York, Pennsylvania.


How long has the practice been there?

We opened in October of 91.

So this year, this October will be 32 years.

That's not where we started.

We graduated in which Florida.

We had separate offices and forgive me, but didn't have a pot to piss in our window throw

out of lived with my parents, couldn't afford to feed ourselves.

And my dad had a program called the gathering where you kind of find yourself.

And unfortunately within months after he opened my office, spent a hundred and fifty grand

during his gathering with both Kevin and I both had a vision that we needed to leave

Florida and go to Pennsylvania.

I mean, literally both had the same vision.

And so we packed our bags and Pennsylvania opened in York in October of 91 and took off.

I mean, talk about any saying this ain't working, hearing it's not working and literally

blew the doors, literally blew the doors off the building.

Such an exciting story.

You know, I see that there's so much power and what was it like being around that environment?

Like I know your dad put seminars on and there's gatherings.

What was it like to grow up in that world?

Well, you know, when you don't know anything else, it was just another day.

But truth is, I think at some point it was I was in chiropractic school.

My dad was speaking at a D.E. and I don't remember what the message was.

But when he spoke, something moved me.

Something so deep.

I don't sugarcoat anything, my dad could be a real asshole.

My dad was not the nicest man to my mom nor to some of my siblings.

Me and him had a fantastic relationship.

My dad was the most amazing chiropractor.

And that day is when I realized I need to separate Siggafuse the man from Siggafuse the


Dad and the chiropractor have to be two different people.

And I really felt blessed to be in that family.

It wasn't an easy growing up.

And this isn't poor me.

It wasn't easy.

But it made me, I can only speak for me, made me just made me.

And I'm not a great person.

I'm just saying I feel comfortable in my skin.

And I think it's because of the growing up and the hard times that we had mentally, physically,


And it's what made me want to find a man that was stable and like my dad, but a little


And really the chiropractic philosophy was to the core in our family.

Everything, every decision was made through the philosophy of chiropractic.

I will say that.

As my parents aged and they started doing different things, I confronted them and I said, wait

a minute, especially my mom, was this a lie?

Were you, did you raise this on a lie?

You're making some different choices that don't coincide with how you raised us.

And that's another, that's something we can leave on the table and maybe talk about another


But we lived, eat and slept and breathe, not chiropractic.

Because I don't think the philosophy of chiropractic belongs to chiropractic solely.

We lived, eaten, breathed the principles and philosophies of life, which happens to be

what chiropractic books are.

These are life principles.

Well, you know, there's been 500 plus interviews that we've done.

And I always ask people like who are some of your heroes and like, there's a good number

of those interviews that we've done that people would say your dad and people that they wish

that they could meet.

I mean, people have said this stuff and some people have met your dad and they, he mentored

many of the people that I interviewed.

And some of the people's most fond memories of seeing your dad speak.

You know, I've listened to what's the ones he did, the red steer, red, red deer, and

ours of red deer.




And when we made our first movie chiropractic, the documentary, I actually reached out to

your mom at the time and asked her if I could be in clips of your dad in our movie.

And she, she wrote off on it and said, yes.

Yeah, I remember that.


I mean, it's, I had no idea.

I was watching Billy DeMoss my first time ever, first time I ever like heard of your


I was watching this Billy DeMoss, like video, like 15 years ago.

And that guy was just so on fire for chiropractic.

And he mentioned your dad and I went and googled.

And I found, you know, the stuff.

And I think that that's a cool thing too about the shows we're documenting as profession.

And I call it weaving the tapestry of chiropractic together.

And it's really cool.

And it's, it's, it's an interesting story because, you know, nobody's exempt from the

hard life.

No, no sooner or later it's going to hit you.

If you, if you have of any character, you know, you, you, nobody begs to go down into

the trenches, but it builds character.

So today you're with a leadership position, ICA.

What's that been like?

It's been an absolute extreme honor.

And I'm humbled by the position from the moment that I got elected in 10 years ago as secretary


I knew I was filling some really big shoes.

I wasn't, didn't think I was able, but I also knew that there was the, there's a universal

intelligence and all things, really giving to it.

And then I would never imagine 10 years later, I would be sitting in the president position

and being the first female president.

And I don't take it lightly.

I do believe that my, if for no other reason that I took this position, it was to bring

calm the waters.

You know, we know that our camps are divided.

We have a very divided profession, but when our side of the profession is divided, that's

real bad.

And so my, my mission is to, to just bring calm.

We have enough shit going on outside of our ranks.

Let's bring calm.

Let's bring some type of agreements.

Let's wear, where do we draw that line in the sand, right, or in the concrete?

Where, where can we agree?

Where that line is that all of us feel comfortable to go to that point yet not beyond it.

So well, I think there's a lot of people out there that they just want to see chiropractic

continue to win.

They want to see chiropractic continue to see more and more people.

You know, I've been around a lot of different events and heard a lot of speakers and done

a lot of research and study on the profession.

And I always hear that there's never been a greater time to be a chiropractor over and

over and over.

That's a theme.

Do you still, does that resonate in your heart today?

Is there still never a bad time to be a chiropractor?

You know, if you ask BJ, he would have said it's never been a greater time.

They were on unchartered territory.

I will say that our time and chiropractic right now is far more effortless.

And is that because the world is waking up that COVID did us a favor and COVID brought

about the ability for the veil to be lifted from people's eyes and they're questioning

and we just happen to be there to maybe not have the answers but to give them hope and

to say here, let me catch you when you have.

It looks like there's a little, the computer's thinking over on her end.

So I'll just go ahead and jump in.

So there she's coming back.

All right, she's back.

Here we are.

So, so, so I think the time that we're in right now, if you don't do good in chiropractic

right now, it's on you.

It's not chiropractic and it's not the message.

It's not the story.

It's you.

You are not stepping up to the plate.

You are not saying I have a ride for service.

And I'm here to do what I am called to do.

It's on you.

If you, I mean, honestly and truly the effortlessness of practice is insane compared to what it

once was.

Do we need to keep telling this chiropractic story and telling the chiropractic story a

hundred percent?

But when, when people flood into your office and I'm blown away every single day that we

opened at 8 30 in the morning and at eight o'clock there's not a parking spot.

There's not a chair in the house and people are waiting and they'll wait an hour to be

adjusted two, three times a week.

What is that?

That's not Siggafoo San Jackson.

It can't be.

We're simply humans.

So, so is this never been a time?

Yeah, that's a slang word.

What it is is that Kevin and I have stood up and said we are here.

Give us our marching orders and we show up every day after 33 years of practice.

We show up every day when we don't want to and we make it accessible and easy for people

to have chiropractic.

And if you can't have a busy overflowing office, come see us number one and number two, look

at your me.

Look in the mirror.

It is not chiropractic.

I'm telling you, it's not.

It's you.

It's always you.

It's always you.

Here, I'll tell you why it feels that way to a lot of practitioners and this might be

like a cat out of the bag, but a lot of them are in a stupid stinking debt.

And it's really hard to have a good attitude when you think about some of the, what they're

carrying with them into practice each day and not make an excuses.

It's just a sober in reality that people that are out there in the trenches sometimes

have a lot overhead.

And yeah, I think that people should come and see how you guys practice because that

will give people clarity that they can go out and see as many people as they possibly

can handle on a day to day basis because the truth is more people just need to access

the chiropractic.

You know, I met this guy recently down in Houston and he's open 16 hours a day.


Seven days a week.





Yeah, pretty courageous.

That is, it is.

And guess who's thriving and growing and staying busier than anybody else?


That guy.


And then there's that faction of the profession that would just say, well, that's wrong.

You're going to burn yourself out.

But you know, it won.

It's a choice.

That's his choice.

And, and, and we have no right to judge what he chooses to do.

No right.


The guys.

No right.

I think it's just, I think it's impressive that somebody would want to run a clinic around

the clock like that.


And, and see how that can have an impact on a community when people have access to their



How many cases come in and be like, Oh, it was last night at nine o'clock when everybody

was closed and I didn't have anybody to go to.

So I had to like spend the rest of my night just like this.



All the time.


You know, my husband Kevin will talk about a lot.

Are you so, do you have, are you, are you in practice support your lifestyle?

Is that what practice is about is to support your lifestyle or is this a chiropractic lifestyle,

you know, and, and, and again, who am I to judge?

If somebody chooses to work six hours a day, four hours a day, super D duper.

Good for you.

That's your choice and, and you'll attract the right people to you.

We choose not to do that.

Well, that's the other part of the, the conversation Dr. Slain is we have people that only want

to work 24 hours a week.

I think there was a, there was a stat that said something like 50% of every chiropractor

is part time.

Well, here's the dilemma and, and I'll jump to one of the things that was discussed.

Here's the dilemma.

We have a massive dilemma right now.

50% of the women of the people in chiropractic school are women.

And I know what a woman is.

A woman is a mother, a wife, a worker, maybe a homeschooler.

And there's a capacity blocker there.

And so 50% of the people graduating are women.

Yet I see in my office every day people flooding in and the need and desire for chiropractic.

And we have a 50% of our people graduating are, are, have a bit of a capacity block, right?

So maybe they want to work all the time, but they, they have some blocking, just having

a baby and, and all that women take on.

And then let's say the other 50% only want to work 24 hours a week.

We have a capacity.

How are we going to see the masses?

Yeah, we have a capacity issue.

And then we have less and less chiropractors graduating in comparison to the ones dying

off and retiring.

How are we going to do it?

You've made the Chiro Hustle.

Sit back and learn from the grace influencers in the profession on the world's number one chiropractic podcast.

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Well, Let's hustle.

The really cool thing about this interview is we're all going to be together here shortly

and Las Vegas at the ICA annual convention.

And I think that's going to be a great opportunity for Chiro Hustle to be cobranded with the ICA

and support them.

One of the things that a lot of the people that we interview talk about is support your

state association first.

Make sure you're part of giving back to institutions like the ICA and groups like the ICA.

So there's a lot that goes into having these conversations.

But also I think it's really great to have Selena on here as the guest.

The pre-interview chat was just amazing.

Lots of good energy.

Lots of good narrative.

You're just, yeah, I agree.

Selena does rock.

Hopefully she can rejoin us here shortly.

I'll just try to keep it going until she shows up.

But yeah, I was just reminiscing with Dr. Selena.

I was like, yeah, I think the last time we saw each other was at the hotel down in Marietta.

We were both attending life vision.

And it was really great.

Got a chance to see her and Kevin checking into the hotel.

Cool stories, you know.

And Kevin introduced me to one of the hotel staff and said, hey, this is my brother.

And he said, brother from another mother.

Share with my cell phone.

All right.

We got you.

You can hear me?

Yep, we got you.

All right.

So sorry.

It's got to be.


It's a good weather.

It's a good weather in Pennsylvania today.

I'm sure it's called Comcast.

I was just talking about the last time I ran into you and Kevin and Kevin introduced me

to one of the people at the hotel and he said, hey, this is my brother.

And they're like, huh?

No, he's like brother from another mother.


It was quite funny.

So let's get it back going again.

And I know that you've been in the profession your whole life and you're talking about the

access and women becoming chiropractors and 50% of all chiropractors that are in school

right now are women and how I was brought up how 50% of chiropractors are part-time.


And there's a threshold for that.


I think that in order to get us to the next level and get us growing instead of diminishing,

what do you see as the answer to that?

So here's what I think.

Number one, we need to get more chiropractic programs in the country.

We need to get more, more, we just need more chiropractor programs, period.

In colleges like Life West just has a branch campus that they're opening in Omaha, Nebraska.

We need more and more and more.

We need to get it around the country, get more people involved.

Physical therapy, I think they have 280 programs.

We need more.

Now, I think we also need the schools to go into underserved areas.

We need to have mission trips in our country.

And so students need to be able to be protected and supported in underserved areas.

And if that means that the school needs to get with the police and if people just don't

want to go into inner cities, because that's where people need to be pulled out.

This is who we need to serve.

We need more of a cross section of society to seek chiropractic and be chiropractic.

Then I also think what we need to do is we need to support chiropractors staying in practice.

And maybe, you know, like hospitals, they buy up family, like all the hospitals in the

areas are buying up family practices, right?

And then those medical doctors are now working for the hospital.

I'm not suggesting that.

I'm suggesting maybe schools go out across the country and support chiropractors in their

office or get groups, like whether it be the joint or whether it be some of these other

bigger groups that I don't want to say that it would be a franchise.

Maybe it is, but buy up offices and encourage chiropractors to stay in practice, maybe not

16 hours a day.

What do you think about this, like a legacy strategy where a new grad would come out and

do a residency with a chiropractor that's been in the game for years, and then take over

as a legacy transfer of that office.



That's intelligent business to me is you find somebody that needs to know how to become

a better adjuster, needs to know how to run a business and you match make them.


The next man up opportunity, next woman up opportunity, I think that needs to be fostered

from preentry, pre-matriculation and let them know that these are the options.

And I also think what we need to do is have somebody, somebody needs to get to the Department

of Education or whomever it is and end this absurd interest on student loans.

We need to end interest on student loans, give that a grace period, make it longer, let

these kids get out and start making a buck before we start raping them.

Because that's what it is.

We're flat out fricking rape in our kids.

And so I think that those are ways to encourage people not just to get into school, but stay

in school and feel confident graduating.

Or we can make chiropractic school more affordable.

Oh, yeah.

Or we could send them down to Mexico to get degrees for the Mexican peso and bring it

back up here to practice.


Again, it falls on the Department of Education and the CCE.

But who does that?

How do we do that?

And the bureaucracy of it is staggering, it's stymying.

So these are my ideas.

Well, those are the choke points, really, for why chiropractic isn't flowing more abundantly.

And I think that it's a real great conversation that we've had today about some of the things

that are going on and how our views are for it.

But I'm really interested in you too, like you, the practitioner.

And you as the person that we're interviewing on a personal level, if you could sit and

talk with anybody over the history of chiropractic, or maybe even the past five years, if you

could sit and talk to anybody for an hour in chiropractic, who would it be?

Gosh, that's a…you know, I would have to say, and I've been blessed to have been able

to do it, but I think now this side of life versus when I sat down and I've had phenomenal

conversations with Dr. Sid and Dr. Nail.

And Dr. Irene Gold.

And Dr. Reggie Gold, I've been blessed to sit at their feet for long period of times,

but I was young and I didn't have what I have now.

But I think that those would be four for sure people.

You know, I have had plenty of time to talk to Irene Gold out of all four of them.

My dad, you know, have more conversations with my dad as the chiropractor, as opposed

to his daughter.

And then, you know, I would love to.

I have a niece and a nephew who are just…a niece graduated last year, my nephew just

graduated this year from the school in Barcelona.

And while they aren't gone, I mean, I would love to just sit with them and see because

they're in Belgium, they're in Europe.

I don't get the time to spend with them.

And when they're here, it's just so much family and so many other things we talk about.

But I think those would be a few.

Yeah, it's such a heartfelt answer.

You know, I think that we all want to spend time with somebody that resonates and gives

us that feeling of depth.

And I never got a chance to meet Reggie.

I've actually had Irene on the show.

So that was a really important one.

That was actually episode 400.

I remember because I was like, I want to get somebody that's a real shaker on 400.

And Irene agreed and I positioned her specifically to be our 400 show.

Yeah, and I never got a chance to meet Nell or Sid either.

But I have gone to my first DE.

I know that probably might not be so impressive to a lot of people.

But going to one was like a huge eye opener for me because they wore down.

They're talking about philosophy.

They were talking about passion for chiropractic and taking care of people.

And I think that there's some philosophy of give love and serve that still is rich in

that community.

And I think that if every chiropractor had a chance just to go like see that for one weekend

of their whole life, it might change the trajectory of how chiropractic is practiced

and how people like really like understood like the ethos behind the profession.

And I think that that's important.

That gathering is important.

And it was only my first.

You know what DE gave a large number of people, my father, myself, many, many people because

I grew up in DE.

I was two years old at my first DE.

And what DE gave people was the ability to explode and chiropractic without having to

pay for it.

It was long before coaches.

Everybody was your coach.

Everybody was your mentor.

Everybody would give to you.

Everybody would talk to you.

It didn't matter if it was in the middle of the night and you were struggling.

You could call any one of any one of those DE guys and they're there for you for nothing

in return.

They were the absolute epitome of give love, serve and do for the sake of doing it and

asking zero in return.

And so, you know, that is what DE gave the profession, I think.

And I would love to see more of us getting back to that.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't have coaches, but what I'm saying is that a lot of people

pay for things that can be gotten for free if you find the right person.


I always tell people to look in the obvious places.


Mentorship is one of those things that I think we could all benefit from a lot of and, you

know, passing a practice to the next one, like the method I think is something that our

colleagues should seriously look into.

I know we're up on the edge of our time together today, but I am curious to know, I always like

my shirt says expect miracles.

What's a miracle story that you've seen over your career that you like to share with our

audience today?

Well, I'm going to give you two on opposite spectrum.

I love these, by the way.

This is like one of my favorite parts of the show.

And I like this segment for the last is because it keeps people listening to the end of the


So recently, little Avery, and I talked about Avery on my ICA videos and little Avery,

I'll try not to cry on this one.

And it's a strange miracle.

Little Avery came to us with absolutely unbelievable excruciating right leg pain at five years


She had been for five months suffering on Motrin or ibuprofen all day long.

And no answers.

No answers except that the parents were told that she's probably faking it.

So she came into our office and she got in some relief, but truth be told, she just wasn't

responded to care and I referred her to a pediatric neurologist because something's

going on.

And I think my point in this miracle is that sometimes in this case, Avery didn't have

this miracle where she's running through the office and she's in no pain anymore in all

false drugs, what her family got was hope that somebody was there and wouldn't give up on

them and just send them home to do more of the same to have that insanity.

And that in our office, and I know every office across the country would do the same.

They would take that family and they'd hear them, they'd listen and they'd honor the family.

And we weren't getting where I knew Avery should have been and we sent her for, she's

we're waiting to get the MRI.

So you know, my prayer is that nothing shows up, but at the same time, there's something

going on.

So I think that that's a miracle that the family had an amazing chiropractic experience

in that they were given hope and they were given somebody to have a shoulder to cry on

and not push them out the door.

That's I think a miracle that they never they don't want to give up on Avery.

Well, that's the power of chiropractic is it gives people acknowledgement.

Yeah, yeah, we honor them as a human being, a fellow human being.


And then we have multiple of these and these failure to thrive stories, multiple babies

coming in that have been given the diagnosis of failure to thrive.

And a lot of people don't realize what that diagnosis means.

I have had a couple of young interns come in and they see the miracle and they kind of

just, oh, well, yeah, baby responded.

They don't realize the failure to thrive means they've been given a diagnosis that this

baby isn't going to make it.

And you take this baby home and you just spend whatever time and do whatever it is that

you do.

And one adjustment one adjustment on multiple diagnosis of failure to thrive is baby thrives

over and over and over without question without waiver without doubt.

And so the latest one was a baby number 10 baby in the family, you know, the 10th child

in the family as if this mother does not know what to do, right?

And the whole family is affected.

You know, this baby screams all night.

Everybody suffer.

Nobody sleep in in this one adjustment, this little one.

I think he was nine months old, somewhere around there and he weighed like birth weight,

less than nine pounds.

Now he's just huge.

Now they live an hour from us, so we found them a chiropractor closer to him.

But I haven't seen him, but amazing, just amazing.

And that says chiropractic knows no timeline.

It knows no distance.

People show up for it when they're supposed to show they show up the way that they're

supposed to and chiropractic is always going to give love and serve.

And that's been one of the best parts about our interview today.

Dr. Selena is we got a chance to share a lot of big ideas with people.

And hopefully we connect the future chiropractic with a better message.

And I think that we've done a great job of at least starting the conversation today.

Yeah, and we'll see where it takes us.

But is there anything I didn't ask you today that you wanted to share with our audience?

Don't be afraid to do it, you know, and practice what you do and do it well and be patient

with yourself and don't judge the outcome.

Don't be attached to any of the circumstances.

Just go through the 33 principles and own them as if they are your lifeblood and live

them and practice them in your own life.

Don't try to vomit them on somebody else.

Why don't you vomit to yourself and learn it yourself?

Yeah, I actually got an award once from life for 33 principles.

And that was pretty cool.

Wow, that is cool.

Yeah, and I think that every chiropractor should, you know, understand philosophy.

And that's why I always love to give like the opener with a little bit of philosophy in

there, a little bit of historical language and things that people might not get day to


Yeah, I think it's really good.

And I appreciate the candidness and I appreciate the conversation.

And I think that there's a lot for us to continue us to do.

But I think that getting chiropractic into more schools is definitely going to create

a better future and a better, better opportunity for more chiropractors.

How do we do it?

I don't know.

I love the vision of getting mission trips domestic.

And because people need care and there's pockets of humanity that people just need care.

There's this group out there that's a Christian group called convoy hope.

And they show up anywhere.

There's a natural disaster or anywhere that tornadoes come through or floods come through

or fires come through.

And I think that if we did something similar like that for chiropractic, people would

understand the access and the professionals behind the profession to do so.

Let's preview at the closing the event here coming up.

I know that we're going to be at the ICA annual convention out in Las Vegas.

Do you want to talk a little bit about that before we close out?

Yeah, it's our annual meeting and convention April 20th to 23rd at the park MGM in Vegas.

And the lineup of speakers, it's a lot of research, but I don't want you to feel overwhelmed

that it's just research.

I think that it's a great combination plus the networking of just, I keep saying what

has come to mind as BJ sprays head, heart and hands.

So you can't use your hands unless there's research behind it that explains why we use

our hands and why we do what we do.

And so it is our, as I said, our annual meeting.

So all of our representative assemblymen come in.

Our board is there and it's just, I think for me, it's a really different type of program.

It's a very different type of program than I'm in the past, like I'm a DE kit, run around

barefoot and for a toilet paper out the window of a built more hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

That was the thing for kids to do or a DE or at a new beginnings.

That's another place that I call home.

So this is definitely more in the head, but bringing in the heart and hands too.

Well, I'm really excited to be out there with everybody.

A few guys are coming to the ICA event.

Sign up now.

I think that it's a great thing to be a part of.

And one of the times when the computer glitched out, I said, hey, one of the trends I've seen

is when I interviewed people in chiropractic recently, they say support your state, support

an organization.

And I always suggest support the ICA.

And they say to give back to schools too.

So I think that that's a good trend for people to follow and support people in business that

support chiropractic too.

I think that that's right too is promote from within to do business with good people in

the chiropractic profession.

But Dr. Selena, I really appreciate you being on for episode 507.

Have a great night out there in Pennsylvania.

Thank you.

Thanks for having me.

Appreciate you.

Yeah, it's been a lot of fun and a couple weeks then.

You will, you will.

Now, I'll just close out telling everybody that you're just one story way.

Keep hustling.

Thank you guys on next episode and Dr. Selena, looking forward to seeing you very, very soon.


Bye for now.

Bye bye.

Thanks for listening to Chiro Hustle.

Don't forget to subscribe and check back next week to continue hustling.


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