April 18, 2021

From Near Death to Thriving with Dr. Jordan Tanko DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 240

I became a chiropractor because it saved my life when I was 14 years old. As a young kid, I was in a very bad car accident with my older brother. I broke about 12 bones, major concussion, splenectomy, broken femur, broken pelvis in 4 places, and was pronounced dead on arrival. I was supposed to get airlifted to HCMC in Minneapolis but it was too cloudy to fly.

In ICU for 2 weeks unconscious, then in another hospital room for another 2 weeks. I was finally out a month later in a wheelchair, and patch for my eye (The concussion was so aggressive I saw double-vision for months afterward) In a bunch of pain, I was just praying I could get pain free without medications forever, walk, run, and just live a normal life again. I was told I would most likely be mentally challenged and or medicated for a lifetime. My mother then met a chiropractor and my life changed forever.

12-18 months later, I am on no medications, running at maybe 85% capacity, and vibrant again. I loved the idea as a kid helping others without drugs and surgery.

I then went to SCSU in MN to pursue my undergrad degree in human biology. I was fascinated with anatomy and Physiology. I then pursued my DC at NWHSU graduating in 2015. I then pursued to learn the art of chiropractic at one of my mentor's offices, Dr. Dennis Woggon. I then opened my own practice in Ankeny IA in Oct. 2015. I opened my practice 100% cash, continued to grow every month, collecting north of 50k every month. 4-5 years into practice, at 29 years old, I was diagnosed with cancer.

I then tried to heal naturally, no drugs, no surgery. Unfortunately, that did not work as well as I had hoped, so as a last resort, I went to chemo and surgery. A lot of chemo and many surgeries later, I am back and healthy and see the world through a whole different set of lenses. I also continued to ponder on what I was going to do next for a career. Don’t get me wrong, I am a DAMN proud chiropractor!! However, I felt something in my spirit tell me that God had another idea in mind for me, and going back to physically seeing patients wasn’t one of them.

I am an entrepreneur at heart, so I wanted to always be my own boss, that’s all I Know. I was thankful when I was a 25-year-old punk doctor, I got introduced to my financial advisor. He helped me with many different strategies in regards to wealth accumulation, debt reduction, and tax strategies specific to the business owner. This stuff blew my mind and I loved it!! I also cannot imagine my life today without having those things in place knowing my health history. I wholeheartedly believe, this profession, like chiropractic when I was younger, has also saved my life. I think many would agree when I say that the majority of chiropractors either get POOR business/financial advice, or NONE at all!! So as a financial advisor, I know just think of myself as a doctor of one's financial health, vs the physical health. And don’t feel like I left the profession at all, considering 80% of my clients are chiropractors 😊 As chiropractors, we deserve to retire rich for what we provide to the world. My goal is to help every doctor get there with the least amount of stress possible.

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