November 15, 2020

Find out about the BIG REALITY of Chiropractic with Dr. Glenn Jaffe DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 196

Dr. Glenn Jaffe has been in practice since 2003, including 14 years in Charlotte, North Carolina at JaffeChiropractic.

Served 8 years on the board of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association, including the last 2 as president, as well as being involved with ChiroCongress which works on a national level to improve access to and promote chiropractic. He is also a mentor to new doctors and speaks to politicians and policymakers about chiropractic issues at both the state and national level.

Glenn is an avid photographer, enjoys good food, and wants to see the world with my kids so they can see how beautiful and delicious people and cultures are.

He is also a fledgling Tottenham Hotspurs fan, which he is learning are akin to the Chicago Cubs baseball team. So close, but rarely win it all!

He has married to Tami for 12 years, who is just publish her first book, and has 2 beautiful daughters, the oldest of which was adjusted at 5 minutes old and the youngest at 15 minutes old.

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