January 1, 2023

Cut Out The Pollution to your Health with Dr Chad Anderson DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 418

I grew up in an amazing little town in Northern Minnesota known for producing snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, and hockey players. As long as I can remember, I was always looking for a way to make some money. I think my first real job was delivering papers every morning before school.

Followed by Cook at the Dairy Queen, Lifeguard, Water Ski Instructor, Concrete Laborer, Valet, Personal Driver, Sales, Sales, Sales, Funeral Director Apprentice, Barback, Arborist, Chiropractor, and maybe a few others too.

I attended Bethel University in their Pre-Med program and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, took a few years off, and continued my education at Palmer Florida. After Florida, I spent a couple of years in Minnesota before packing a bag and moving to Costa Rica for a year. When I returned to the States, I landed in North Carolina.

While in Minnesota, I assisted the doctor I worked for in running the biggest Chiropractic Marketing company in the state of Minnesota (at the time) “My New Chiro”

In Costa Rica, I worked some, surfed some, and picked up an extremely useful skill (Spanish)

Currently, I own/operate my own clinic in Eastern NC. We are roughly 50% Chiro and 50% OccMed. I love Chiropractic but……..I have a glass ceiling known as time. I realized several years back, I would have to either change the way I practice, in order to see more people or diversify my practice and identify additional sources of income. Both were reasonable options except I like the way I practice. I did not want to change the doctor/patient relationship I provide in my office. I became a Medical Examiner for FMCSA and most recently began dabbling in the real estate market.

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