April 3, 2022

Create More Health Wealth Impact in Chiropractic with Dr Thaddeus Gala DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 340

Known as the “Inflammation Doctor”, Dr. Thaddeus Gala is a nationally acclaimed author, speaker, and published researcher with several prestigious recognitions and awards. He is the CEO and founder of 3 integrative medical clinics. He is an ironman top 25% finisher and competed at the collegiate level as a decathlete.

After watching his mother’s health go from vibrant health and vitality to discouraging and crippling disability nearly overnight, he has committed his career and life's work to help people naturally prevent and stop the progression of chronic disease without the use of surgery or medications.

He has a track record of reversing the most complex of cases ranging from Parkinson’s and fibromyalgia to sleep apnea and diabetes. Now, his mom is in her 70's, is 100% medication-free, runs and wins 5K races, and is the lead health coach within his clinics. Due to his demanding schedule, Dr. Gala manages only the most complex cases in the clinic system and people often seek him out throughout the nation for his services.

In practice, he has maintained profitability while increasing the size of the company from 2 employees to 70 employees in 6 years via a successful acquisition and an aggressive growth plan.

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