November 17, 2021

Create a Culture WITH Chiropractic with Dr Ramachandra Arci DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 301

Dr. Ramachandra Arci, DC is a Colombian Chiropractor with a Hindu name due to his religion. He is a second-generation chiropractor who graduated from Life University. He has always been interested in how health, wealth, and wellbeing apply in day-to-day life. He spent many years studying different approaches and techniques within the profession, from structural techniques such as Gonstead to more tonal work such as BGI and NSA.

He returned to Colombia to work at his father’s office, the first Chiropractor in Colombia, with 42+ years of practice, 2 years afterward he opened his own office, applying different techniques, approaches, and systems at the office. This exploded his practice, then he went and took over his father’s practice. All with the purpose of expanding straight, connected, and subluxation-based chiropractic around the country.

He is an international spokesperson for chiropractic, he has been in Brazil, Argentina, the US, and Colombia talking about chiropractic philosophy and technique. He created mission trips in Colombia and Brazil to be able to teach students and take chiropractic to the masses.

Dr. Rama has worked with chiropractors from different countries, and currently, in his team, there is a group of Mexican D.C´s well enrooted in the chiropractic philosophy and lifestyle, with a great passion and desire to give, to love, and to serve from a state of abundance.

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