May 2, 2021

Chiropractic can go Over Under or Through with Dr Juan Fernandez DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 244

Dr. Juan Fernandez is part of MaxLiving, a global network of doctors who are at the forefront of healthcare. Several MaxLiving doctors even serve as chiropractors for the USA Wrestling Team! Dr. Fernandez attended Life University in Marietta, GA, and graduated at the top of his class with Cum Laude honors. Since then, he has had the privilege of working alongside some of the most distinguished and renowned chiropractors in North America, training in some of the largest chiropractic practices in the country. Dr. Fernandez has received advanced certifications in spinal correction, nutrition, and fitness. He has a passion and firmly believes that starting a child on the right foot to true health and healing will lead to a future free of sickness and disease.

Dr. Fernandez found his passion when numerous members of his family were struck with sickness, disease, and early death. This prompted him to ask tough questions about health and how the human body works. While exploring options in healthcare, the principles of MaxLiving stood out from the rest: to find the cause of health problems rather than just treat the symptoms. His experiences have led him to firmly believe that the body needs no help to heal and function, it simply needs no interference.

Dr. Fernandez has a heart for serving families and people throughout the community. He dedicates time to help churches incorporate comprehensive wellness programs, teaching them God’s laws of health and healing. He also delivers these programs to corporations, schools, sports teams, and organizations.

Dr. Fernandez has served in the Army National Guard and Army Reserves as an officer for over 20 years. During this time, he completed Airborne and Ranger training and served on multiple combat deployments. He understands the need for a healthy body and mind. Further, Dr. Fernandez has been married for 9 years to his beautiful wife, Dr. Whitney Wills-Fernandez. Together, they have three beautiful children, Eden, Eve, and John Luke. He truly desires to live his best life now and to help you do the same!

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