September 23, 2020

Chiro Hustle Podcast 181 – Stephanie Rimka, DC

Dr. Stephanie Rimka is a chiropractor and holistic brain optimization specialist focusing on addressing the root cause of mental illness, learning disorders, and chronic illness in children and adults. She graduated from Life University in 2000 and has opened several successful cash-only practices throughout the metro-Atlanta area. Although she has a typical “pain to purpose – the chiropractor saved my life” story that made her decide to heed the call to choose chiropractic, her desired client was not the typical client. When she received the Big Idea in her Chiropractor's office, it was to positively impact the world by learning to adjust schizophrenics and drug addicts. Although this is not a group of people that most chiropractors think to serve, Dr. Rimka was working with schizophrenics in MI and has done extensive training in talk therapy and leading large Gestalt and Alderian psychology-based group courses. She wasn't buying into the drug-approach of psychiatry and believed Chiropractic held the key to restoring healthy brain and mental health.

Dr. Rimka is active in private practice, teaching online group courses in her own E-Learning Center, leading healing group retreats, teaching CEU to chiropractors, and serves as the only non-physician voice on the Scientific Advisory Board of a $300M nutraceutical firm.

During the 2020 societal crisis, Dr. Rimka was asked by many of her colleagues for support in staying afloat financially since she already leveraged multiplication and multiple streams of income into the practice. Because she was concerned about the profession losing many incredible, vitalistic practice leaders to the overwhelm of financial loss right now, she decided to take her private coaching public to show exactly what she learned from her coaches and leaders to thrive during this time.

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