July 8, 2020

Chiro Hustle Podcast 159 – Guy Dimartino, DC JD

Mr. DiMartino represents and advises corporations, individuals, and non-profits in civil and administrative matters. He brings to his clients, over 17 years of active practice in chiropractic medicine followed by 20 years in the practice of law. Mr. DiMartino has represented corporations, professional trade associations, in regulatory, administrative, and civil matters. Additionally, Mr. DiMartino represented a prison healthcare services corporation, and the LaPorte County Sheriff in civil rights litigation.

As legal consultant for the Florida Chiropractic Physicians Association, Mr. DiMartino provides over 24 hours of continuing education lectures each year on state and federal agency regulations, prevention of medical errors, healthcare ethics, professional boundaries, and risk management. He is board certified by the Florida Bar in civil trial law. Only 7% of Florida's 90 thousand lawyers have obtained this distinction. Indiana does not provide for board certification in civil trial law.

Some of the cases and issues that Mr. DiMartino has provided advice and representation on include:
• Defense of governmental bodies in litigation.
• Representation of a behavioral health hospital insuicide following discharge.
• Representation before licensing bodies for trade associations, healthcare providers, chiropractic organization, alcohol and drug counselor(s), and non-profit agencies.
• Defense of wrongful death civil rights claims in prisons and jails.
• Negligence issues on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.
• Review of corporate contracts, employment and vendor agreements, and funding initiatives.
• Mental Health commitment hearings.
• Review of healthcare provider employment/ independent contractor agreements.

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