May 24, 2020

Chiro Hustle Podcast 152 – Haasseem Mohammed, DC

Dr. Haasseem Mohammed’s focus on Chiropractic care came from his experience as a therapeutic massage therapist for 15 years. After witnessing amazing results with Chiropractic that not only relieved patients of debilitating pain but rejuvenated and revitalized their lives. This fueled his passion for the field. Dr. Haasseem further advanced his education to learn more about the body’s amazing ability to heal itself naturally, by restoring the spine closer to normal and making small lifestyle changes. He continues to keep on the cutting edge of health care research, finding the best ways to help people attain optimum health, without the harmful side effects of drugs and unnecessary surgeries.

Dr. Haasseem believes that education is the key to improving the quality of one’s life. He is actively involved in the community, teaching classes on many different topics including; health, wellness, ergonomics, accident prevention, and lifestyle strategies. His vision is to help people take their health to “Another Level” and empower the public to live a life of purpose and achieve their highest potential.

Dr. Haasseem recognizes that God’s laws of health and healing work best when the brain is able to communicate properly with the body. That’s why he has focused on the most scientific technique available today in non-surgical methods of restoring the spine closer to normal alignment; Chiropractic Biophysics. (

After receiving his Doctorate in Chiropractic, Dr. Haasseem continued his education to receive, Advanced Certification in Chiropractic Biophysics. He worked as an Associate Doctor at the well renowned CBP Doctor Institute, Ideal Spine Health Center in Idaho.

Dr. Haasseem now works with Dr. Nathan Kaner at Another Level Health. Bringing the best in Chiropractic Corrective care to South Florida by helping people optimize their health.

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