April 26, 2020

Chiro Hustle Podcast 148 – Austin Cohen, DC

Dr. Austin Cohen received his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta, GA. He received his undergraduate training at Virginia Commonwealth University and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology. While pursuing his chiropractic studies, Dr. Cohen began focused studies on structural correction through the CBP and Pettibon protocol.

Dr. Cohen has received post-doctorate training in structural care through Chiropractic Biophysics and has done research on how healthy posture relates to optimal function. His research has been published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, and is currently an author for Primal Docs, which is a blog related to functional living.

Dr. Cohen started Corrective Chiropractic in 2009 and currently, they have 8 locations with plans for more growth. He is also an author of the best-selling “Eliteness: A Simple Guide to Uncovering Your Hidden Potential to Becoming Elite”. GET IT ON AMAZON!

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