September 9, 2019

Chiro Hustle Podcast 115 – Dwayne Hoskins, DC

Dr. Hoskins graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic (before they changed…everything) in 1992. He had graduated from undergraduate school with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Biology, with a strong emphasis in chemistry and education (1 class short of a minor in each).

In junior high, Dr. Hoskins and his best friend Gary, created their first software program, and by high school they sold their first project to the local gas station to keep track of inventory. Instead of band camp, Dr. Hoskins went to computer camp. Instead of sports (there was no football at his school) he taught the teachers how to use the ‘new fangled computers that just showed up.’

The RockStar Chiropractic Project was established in 2010. Dr. Jason Ulsrud was a pioneer in video podcasting and leading-edge social media leveraging. Dr. Hoskins was the webmaster and produced the “Rock Radio” podcasts. They were honored to have been the last ones to video interview Reggie Gold in October of 2010 at New Beginnings. Dwayne was the videographer. Most of the footage from that project has been lost, but Dr Hoskins has retained a copy of the Reggie Interview. Irene was also video interviewed – a very rare instance indeed. That was also salvaged from the scrap pile.

Also in 2010, Dr. Hoskins was introduced to the late, great and Legendary Tim Langley, DC. A new practice was started in the membership model and eventually adopted a hybrid membership style as it matured.

In 2014, Sherman College of Chiropractic called to ask him to be part of the leadership team, and he accepted the newly created Dean of Clinic Operations and Outreach position and started there in the spring of 2015. While at Sherman, he oversaw the renovation of the student clinic. When that was done, he led the planning of the main clinic renovation and raised 80% of the funds in 3 days to complete it. While there, new patients doubled, and patient flow tripled. Alas, he would leave the team before the new clinic layout could be completed.

He now focuses on leading the User Interface and Experience development of pureCHIROnotes. pCn was created in 2012 by Dwayne and his business partner Matt Musgrave. It serves the niche market of cash and membership practices that do not submit claims to insurance companies.

Dr. Hoskins is also the Sales and Marketing Director for Titronics Research and Development and is part of the leadership team. Along with Roger Titone and Chris Harmon, they provide the Chiropractic profession with the highest quality and most reliable paraspinal thermography and goniometry assessment tools available. You will know the Tytron Scanner, now in its 3rd generation of development.

Dr. Hoskins serves as the Executive Director for the Palmetto State Chiropractic Association. The PSCA represents the Chiropractors in South Carolina that choose to focus on Vertebral Subluxation and the Chiropractic Adjustment as their main business model.

Oh, yeah, and he practices Chiropractic at his office as well as a location downtown Spartanburg that serves the underserved and neglected of our society. You know, the ones that no other chiropractor chooses to see because they can’t pay for it.

There is a lot more, but this should suffice.

And lest I forget to tell all y’all this, he is the author of the best-selling book “How to be Humble Like Me.” Its now in its third printing… at least in his mind. Signed copies are available soon.

PS: Dwayne is the webmaster for ChiroHustle Podcast and the curator of that pile of history being created by Chester and Millet.
PPS: That stuff about the book … it was a joke to see if you read this far in the copy.

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