July 15, 2019

Chiro Hustle Podcast 107 – Jenna Zellars, DC

Dr. Jenna Zellars is a dynamic female entrepreneur with a passion for helping other entrepreneurs reach new heights on their unique career paths. Her professional career began in 2010 as family wellness chiropractor and in just two years, built the thriving practice of her dreams. Like many achievements, the excitement & satisfaction wore off as the years went by but deep down, she knew life was meant to be enjoyed, even at work! In 2016 she began a life changing self-discovery journey to find more joy, fulfillment, passion and purpose in every area of her life. She is now is on a mission to teach the principles and practices she learned on her transformational journey with entrepreneurs worldwide, aspiring or established.

Dr. Jenna Zellars is an author, inspirational speaker and proud podcast host of “The Dr. Jenna Show” and founder of “The Authentic & Thriving Academy,” where she supports female entrepreneurs to create, live and love their legacy life. She continues to practice part time in her small office in Rockwall, TX and is anxiously awaiting her husband to graduate from chiropractic college in August 2019 so they can take their life and dreams to the next level!

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