June 24, 2019

Chiro Hustle Podcast 104 – Nima Rahmany, DC

Dr. Nima Rahmany is a Chiropractor turned ‘Edutainer’ on a mission to teach business executives, entrepreneurs, and teenagers about how to dissolve the ROOT CAUSE of stress.

He is the creator of a breakthrough new tool called “The Overview Method”TM where participants are taken through an exercise that clears emotional baggage and resentment that holds them back from moving to new levels in business, health, and family relationships.

The Overview Experience is an “emotional intelligence” workshop in which YOU learn skills and tools designed to get to the underlying root cause of your STRESS and remove it from your awareness. Physical and emotional problems can be linked to stressful and traumatic events that have happened to us. It is not WHAT has happened but HOW we respond that creates our reality. When our response is anything other than love or gratitude, we create an internal conflict with reality – what we call a “delusion.” The Overview Method is a series of questions specifically designed to:

Get to the root cause of negative emotions uncovering the delusion, expectation, or half-truth associated with them

Dissolve the delusion making what was once IN the way, ON the way.

Stress and trauma are what we experience when we have a belief that something should or should not have happened exactly as it did. Love and gratitude (the ultimate form of stress relief) is what results when we breakthrough our delusions.

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