May 6, 2019

Chiro Hustle Podcast 097 – Tara Hogan, DC

Intro and Bio
Mother of 3
Homeschooler of 2
Owner and Doctor of a high volume practice Blue Mountain Chiropractic for 7 years with Husband Dr. Michael Hogan. Winner of Best Chiropractor 6 years in a row in Haywood County, North Carolina
Unconditional Heart for people
Mastermind of The Unconditional Chiropractor ” A Spinal Movement” Putting the CARE back into health care.

Chiro story and what influenced me
Chiropractic was a true calling for me. The moment I decided to apply to Palmer chills overran my body. The choice caused a visceral effect within my body. Little did I know this was my intuition calling out to me. Since that day my journey has become even more enriched with intuition and certainty

Mantra or quote: “I was born to do this”

What would be accomplish with chiropractic:
Deeper consciousness Human evolution Optimum potential of the human race
More bliss

Where will chiro be in 5, 10, 15:
The future will behold the powers of both women and men. At this time it seems like the time of the woman. In my mind in the coming years we will get to see the life force expressed through both the masculine and feminine powers. Feminine has been lacking for a long time, so it is great to see more women getting into this profession and excelling. What I get to experience in my practice is such an amazing balance of both masculine and feminine. Patients dig it.

key marketing In our small town we have done a lot of local print and starting more social media:
Doing recording of The Unconditional Chiropractor Series right now

Tech for patients

Listen to read piece of advice I am a serial reader of self development and VERY ADD in the way I read books. Synchronicity always has a way 😉

Listening to Brene Brown Born To Lead
Joe Dispenza

Big Fan of Mel Robbins- 5 Second rule

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