July 2, 2018

Chiro Hustle Podcast 053 – Fred Schofield, DC

Frederick A. Schofield, D.C. born in Cape Town, South Africa, has a uniqueness, excitement, and intensity about him, “One of a Kind.” He is both player and coach, working in his office, and coaching chiropractors one on one. Recognized locally, nationally and internationally, Dr. Fred teaches from 35+ years of proven fundamentals, he will open the door to a life of success, self-confidence, and boundless enthusiasm.

Dr. Fred, his beautiful wife Susan and son Dr. FJ, have created an advanced, personalized chiropractic seminar and development program where the mission is “To empower as many Chiropractors, as divinely possible, to improve their performance by expressing their potential; enhancing planet Earth and the health of humanity through applying and understanding the Principles of ChiropracTic.”

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