October 2, 2017

Chiro Hustle Podcast 014 – Shawn Andrews, DC

My name is Dr. Shawn Andrews. I am a ten-year chiropractic veteran. My wife and I practice in a medium-sized city in southern Minnesota. I am not a coach or a consultant. I am a guy just like you. I have been on the brink of bankruptcy. I came back from the edge of the abyss and now:

• My clinic has seen a minimum of 10% growth every year since that fateful year of nearly losing it all. (I am a slow and steady kind of guy.)
• I now take home way more than the average chiropractor.
• My wife and I have five amazing kids. We have the freedom to take vacations, and she homeschools our children because SHE CAN! We have the life we want to have and the freedom to grow and change.
• I have a fantastic staff. Three of the four of them have been with me for almost five years. (How many clinics can say that?)
• I am absolutely in love with what I do for a living! I love CHIROPRACTIC.

I may not have the biggest clinic, but I am doing better than most. I am a bit of a leadership and personal growth junky. That has helped me grow my practice and succeed in life. So my hope is that you will come along side me, and together we can elevate each other, our businesses, and our beloved profession. I will take what I have learned over the years and distil it into bite-sized, actionable chunks to help you grow yourself and your practice! I am also the founder of The Facebook Ads mastery Academy and The Inspired Chiropractor Community, your go to place for ethical, reliable, and evergreen Facebook marketing strategy.

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