August 21, 2017

Chiro Hustle Podcast 008 – Dave Mager

When Dave Mager puts foot to stage the air becomes charged with heart pounding excitement as he shares, with spectacular energy, his absolute love for the Lord. With 20 years of professional athletic coaching skills and abilities Dave is qualified to share his own story of poor health and the JOURNEY INTO HEALING every man, women and child has the opportunity to own as children of God. Dave is a man with ‘GAMEFACE’ attitude dynamically structured to complete and unyielding focus on all of life’s tasks.

Dave Mager is a nationally known motivational speaker who has been featured on the Discovery Channel and is the author of Health is a Journey a publication with over 2 million copies sold. Mager is devoted to; his walk with God – preaching the Word in every public encounter, his country, his community and has dedicated himself to bringing the message to all people… that the true joy of life comes from… above, down, inside, out! Pass the message on.

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