July 5, 2017

Sharing a Strategy to Improve Net Worth with Dr Matt Walker DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 001

Dr. Matt Walker has always had sound business sense and at first seemed destined to work his way up through Corporate America, having accepted his first job working for a Fortune 50 financial company and starting his own Real Estate investment portfolio at 21 years old. But he quickly realized Corporate America wasn't for him and reflected on the chiropractic care Paula “Dr. Mom” Sheedy gave him at 19 years old when she restored his ability to play college football after a severe neck injury.
He eventually followed his heart and became the first Chiropractic Doctor in his family's lineage. His business sense and drive have only accelerated his ability to help people.

Most recently he's started accepting applications to consult chiropractors on establishing a new business model so they can maximize their profitability and focus 100% of the time they are in practice on serving their patients. His proven business model also sets you up to receive maximum value and a seamless transition should you decide to step away from or decrease your time in practice to spend more time with your family. One of the unique values he can show you is how to generate multiple streams of passive income that can be sold or passed down to the next generation in your family.

The influence of so many who have given to Dr. Walker has lead him to found the Dr. David D. Palmer Athletic Trust which provides Palmer College support for scholarships and campus development.

As he advances his life with a focus to serve others he never stops pushing his boundaries, most recently, with Ironman triathlon competitions. He is continually discovering the importance of devoting quality time to his wife (Jaquelyn) and 1-year-old daughter (Brooklyn.)
He encourages you to send him a Facebook message and a friend request if you resonate with what he's doing with life.


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