December 28, 2022

Become an Expert at Showing Value to your Patients with Dr Jeff Parton DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 417

Dr. Jeff Parton has been a posture correction specialist since 2001. He teaches a model of health that shifts paradigms and mindsets. He teaches people how to go from a reactionary system of living and healing to a habit-based system of health, life, and abundance. He has worked and studied extensively with Bob Proctor. He has been mentored by the top two consultants with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Arash Vossuigi is the top trainer with PGI. He also works and is mentored by Kim Calvert.

His purpose is to transform lives. His Motto is “tell me what you want and I'll show you how to get it.”

His goal is to take this material to the world at a massive level and continue Bob Proctors' legacy and shift the consciousness of the planet. He lives in Mercer Island, Washington, and has been in private practice since 2001. He absolutely loves helping and making a difference and making the world better.

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