August 23, 2023

Are You Tracking Your Stats? TrackStat can Help – Dr Naota Hashimoto DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 485

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Chiropractic found Naota Hashimoto, DC, after a head-on collision and 6-months of physical therapy. A family friend referred him to his first chiropractor when he was still in constant pain despite 6-months of medications and physical therapy.

The chiropractic treatment turned his lights on, and he was excited about the treatments. His chiropractor fixed his debilitating neck and lower back pain and even cured his acne problem that he had struggled with for 5-years that his dermatologist couldn't improve.

He is married to a chiropractor, and they have raised their kids in a vitalistic chiropractic way. They opened up their practice in La Quinta, CA, quickly reaching the million-dollar practice club by their 5th year in practice. He's continually been refining his practice over the years and grown it up to a seven-provider, multi-million dollar practice.

Over the years, he automated many processes in his offices and eventually started sharing his patient-tracking software with colleagues who encouraged him to share it with the profession.

Today their software has been used by over 300+ doctors around the country in 2.5 years on a limited advertising budget. Their focus is on patient tracking, from initial interest to completed treatment plans and long-term patient care.

His goal is to help 1000+ chiropractors add more efficient patient tracking processes so they can help more patients while improving their personal wealth. In addition, he believes that more successful chiropractors worldwide will allow them to donate to chiropractic causes, grow their offices, and inspire more people to become chiropractors.

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