September 7, 2022

Are you the Doctor, Doctor? in Chiropractic with Dr Christian Nelson DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 385

Dr. Nelson’s life was changed at the age of 15 by an adjustment after living in excruciating low back and neck pain for 6 years. After his second adjustment, he decided to become a chiropractor and has dedicated his life to becoming an exceptional clinician. His clinical passions revolve around neuroscience, restoring the ideal brain-body connection, and helping to empower his patients in as many areas of life as he can. As an entrepreneur, his mission is to guide as many chiropractors to have rewarding careers as possible and to double their starting salaries. He and his wife, Mary Katherine, have three boys and live right on the Fort Worth/Keller border in North Texas. Dr. Nelson practices jiujitsu (he holds his blue belt under Roberto Kaelin and Carlos Machado) and enjoys carpentry projects in his spare time.

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