March 10, 2021

All About the PRANA Foundation with Dr. Tamara MacIntyre, DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 229

Dr. Tamara MacIntyre is both a Chiropractor (DC) and Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM) with a master’s degree in neuroscience.  She is a gifted doctor, educator, and mentor known for her power, grace, and intelligence. Dr. MacIntyre is an internationally recognized authority in chiropractic care and functional medicine. She was the former Dean of Clinical Education at an accredited chiropractic college in California. She has been touted as a “clinical genius” in her profession and has been acclaimed as a role model for female practitioners in the field of integrative medicine.

Prior to becoming a highly sought-after expert in chiropractic education, she practiced in Ottawa, Ontario for 13 years. Recognized as a leading authority in chiropractic, patients and students travel from all over the world to receive her care and access the depth of her expertise through workshops, retreats, and training camps.

Dr. MacIntyre relocated to Victoria British Columbia and has chosen to return to clinical practice. She continues to work with interns and doctors to provide residency opportunities by providing care to people in the community that would not typically have access to chiropractic care.   Her mobile teaching clinic as well as her online mentorship programs offer opportunities to future and new chiropractors to embrace their gifts and take their power in their doctoring role.

In addition to being passionate about empowering others on their health journey, she is deeply committed to easing the path for others. Last year with her wife, Dr. Monique Andrews, she launched The PRANA Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission it is to cultivate an engaged, supportive community that fosters healing, growth, and the fullest expression of our realized selves through continuing education, a professional community and personal development.

In addition to Dr. MacIntyre’s professional passion projects, she is a runner and a road cyclist.  She also expresses her creativity through clay in the form of sculpture and has studied in California and Japan.

For more information on mentoring opportunities or complimentary chiropractic care for a non-profit service organization please email Dr. MacIntyre directly at ‘’.

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